• There's 2 of us, and although together we have a cohesive style, your wedding will be photographed through two unique sets of eyes.
  • We’re passionate and involved in each wedding. We’ll get excited about your plans and laugh, cry and dance the night away with you.
  • We put our hearts into every wedding. Whether it’s photos or video, we love what we do, so we do it like we love it
  • We favour candid connections over saying cheese, so your wedding day will always be spent doing more of the things you love
  • We like to make sure that your wedding photos reflect you and your unique style.

About Us…

There aren’t many bestie photography teams out there, we’re pretty much one of a kind here at Bai & Elle Photography! We met whilst working as cruise ship photographers and after deciding we were done with taking stiff, uncreative portraits of cruisers we ventured into the exciting world of wedding photography. Although we came into photography differently, we both started with the idea that wedding photography was a tad naff, until we discovered that it was possible to put our own creative style into weddings. We were inspired by the photographers shooting weddings that we’re just as unique as they we’re. And set of on a journey to create beautiful, authentic portraits of people in love. Being the hopeless romantics we are, we were instantly hooked!

Our style is very relaxed, we adore genuine smiles and laughter and love to see people connecting with each other, whether it’s friends and family celebrating, or couples expressing their love for one another, we love it all! These are the moments that make your day special and we wouldn’t want to miss any of them. We are constantly inspired by our couples and aim to make sure each wedding is captured in a way that shows off their personality and the interesting personal touches they put into their day.

We like to keep things natural and think you are perfect the way you are. We truly believe you are most beautiful when you are full of love and happiness, so you won’t find yourselves photoshopped beyond recognition!

We offer a short highlights video as an addition to wedding photography. Video is a great love of ours, and a beautiful way to add to storytelling of your big day.

What Makes Us Unique…

We understand that not everyone is confident in front of a camera, which is why we make sure that you focus more on connecting with each other and less on connecting with the camera.