• Genderless design
  • Illustration combined with digital make the designs feel modern and perfect for a non-traditional bride and groom.
  • highest quality customisable design
  • friendly one to one service
  • Not limited to location

About Us…

It only takes a quick browse through Pinterest to ascertain that watercolour florals, pastel hues and calligraphic fonts are big business when it comes to wedding invitations. I came across a wealth of gorgeous designs matching these criteria, whilst in search of stationery for my own wedding. However, having never considered myself to be a stereotypically ‘girly girl’, I was equally not looking for the traditional graceful, floaty invitations now that I had the title of Bride-to-be.

In art, you are encouraged to push the boundaries rather than follow the crowd and as a designer, I didn’t want to sacrifice my taste and style simply because what I wanted was not present on the market. Instead, I decided to create it myself.

Dot & Harry aims to create simple, contemporary and carefully curated collections that fuse modern styles and digital graphics. Our style lends influence from hand rendered illustrations and texture to create bespoke stationery that is elegant, refined and effortlessly cool.

Dot & Harry acquired it’s name from my late grandparents, whom married at 20 years old and remained in love for a lifetime. My Grandfather worked as an engineer, building and fixing planes throughout World War Two and my Grandma was his right hand woman, making the parts needed in order for the planes to be fixed. They came from a generation who believed that if something was broken, you fixed it rather than throwing it away, a logic that they also applied to their enduring adoration for one another. They were not wealthy or decadent, they were classic and minimal. The logic of their lifestyle, as well as the beauty and efficiency that they both saw in industrial design can be seen throughout Dot & Harry’s collections.

What Makes Us Unique…

The pomp and ceremony associated with wedding planning, is tradition that we have come to know and adore. However, much of this tradition is stereotypically feminine – from floral arrangements, to table dressing to dress fittings, there is an evidently female slant to many moments leading up to the big day. Programmes such as ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ exploit entertainment value from the mere notion that a man could plan an entire wedding. Yet in contemporary society the gender balance of wedding planning is far more mutual than I feel a lot of outlets allow for. Now, my fiance is a proudly stylish man, which is just one of the many reasons that I have fallen in love with him, so when it comes to deciphering themes and colour schemes for our own big day, he wanted to be just as involved as I did. With this in mind, I wanted to create a series of stationery collections that were more unisex and inclusive to all genders. Dot & Harry’s designs are classical, elegant and simplistic, rather than being overtly gendered giving the invitations an identity that I feel is far more representative of both halves of any couple.

I have tried to steer clear of the regular confinements that are associated with weddings throughout all Dot & Harry collections and instead, offer bold, graphic and carefully considered stationery that is semi-customisable to fit each couple’s personality preferences and theme.

Each design is as unique as the couple that chooses it, as paper colour, ink colour, words and finishes can all be tweaked and changed as you see fit. Every piece of stationery is lovingly laid out and design to fit your specifications. We can work together to create the perfect set that is just right for you and your day.

I am proud to offer a high quality, personalised service through Dot & Harry. However, as a young bride myself, I was slightly taken aback by the the high entry price to this kind of wedding stationery experience. Not wishing to adhere to this barrier to entry, I have been incredibly competitive with my costings to allow young betrothed couples an opportunity that I found scarce to come by. At the heart of Dot & Harry is a genuine desire to provide bespoke invitations for couples as captivatingly quirky as I would like to believe myself and Alex are.