• Quirky
  • Alternative
  • Unique
  • Retro/Vintage/Rock n Roll
  • Original

About Us…

Whatever style of wedding is yours, be it traditional, quirky, vintage or anything in between, we always aim to tell your story in a creative and beautiful way.

It is your unique fairytale and we want it to be magical.

We think of your film as a bubble-like time capsule that holds those precious fleeting moments and emotions of fun, love and happiness.

We shoot and edit in a eclectic mix of techniques and styles….cinematic, quirky and vintage, to tailor each film to you and your special day.

A tear jerking, emotive tale…Excellent!.

Something with a music video vibe and an altogether rock ‘n’ roll feel… Fantastic!

Vintage with a retro theme….Fabulous!

Something more traditional with hints of cinematic fantastical quirkiness… Amazing!

Welcome to the world of an adventurous videographer/ cinematographer, on a mission to make wedding films as original & unique as you are.

Friendly, fun loving and approachable but always professional in our work, we aim to be as unobtrusive as possible and put you and your guests at ease, you can relax and forget that we are there!

What Makes Us Unique…

Creativity is hugely important to us… we want to deliver to you a polished work of art, of which we can both be proud.

Head honcho, Loz, once described as a “cinematic illuminati “, whose “use of juxtaposed imagery is of an impressively high level”, has an extraordinary eye for detail. Brimming with innovative, creative ideas, he has his own distinctive, unique style of composition.

Using an exciting, blended mix of shooting and editing styles and techniques , which we believe makes our work stand out from the rest, we lovingly craft a film, that is as different and unique as you are.

We don’t do one size fits all… but we do do special and bespoke to you.

Unlike most other wedding videographers, in order to offer you the best service and product, we deliberately film a very limited number of weddings each year. That way, we can stay fresh and focused, bottling up our vitality and boundless enthusiasm and the letting it explode, like champagne for your special day!!!

Give us a call, have a chat.. tell us what you like and we will use our unique skills (and a few sprinkles of magic!) to make it happen.