• Colourful. fun, informal, storytelling wedding photography.
  • Ranked as one of The 100 Best Wedding Photographers in The World.
  • LGBTQ friendly because #love wins ALWAYS.
  • Weddings limited to 20 a year so I have time for all my couples.
  • 30 years experience as a professional qualified photographer trained in the days of film where you had one chance to get it right and you got it right!

About Us…

I’m Yvonne from Yvonne Lishman Photography and I’m a child at heart, animal loving vegan, motorbike racing fanatic, alternative wedding photographer who believes kindness is everything and laughter truly is the best medicine. Friends and family describe me as a tad eccentric, which I take as a compliment because I sure as the hell couldn’t bear to be considered ordinary.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 30 years and rocking the wedding photography world since 2006 with my brand of quirky, informal, fun and colourful non-traditional wedding photography for couples who love to have fun and express their individuality. I’m not a lover of convention nor all that fond of rules so I favour photographing couples whore doing things their way not the predictable way, are a tad batty and enjoy having a blast with the people they love. I’m all about creating a fun filled authentic memory of their awesome day.

Ideal for…

For fun and quirky down to earth couples who love to laugh and who are doing things their way not the conventional way, Although they’ll want some epic portraits of themselves the thought of standing round having groups shots taken brings them out in a rash! They’re all about the fun, the love, the laughter and the party.

What Makes Us Unique…

I’m not your conventional wedding vendor; formality isn’t my thing. If I’m not being me I feel awkward and constrained. I believe in authenticity. Me being me, you being you, it’s how I get the fun and creative images I do. By nature I’m friendly, I laugh lots, I love conversations, I bond with people quickly so I frequently get mistaken for a wedding guest with an amazing camera. People are genuinely surprised when they realise that ‘No I’m the wedding photographer. What’s important to me is that I limit the number of weddings I shoot in a year to 20 so I have time to get to know my couples well then when their wedding day arrives it’s like a friend is there and not just the photographer rocking up.

I spend most of the wedding day photographing the fun and shenanigans but for a short while we go off and take some awesome portraits, which are always geared up for my couple personalities. I want your images to be about you and not some stylised version of people you’re not. Authenticity rules the day. Authenticity comes from getting to know you and us all being ourselves. Hell Yeah!