A Buckinghamshire Engagement Shoot…

Capturing the love…

Its been a while since I’ve featured an engagement shoot, so when I saw this couples shoot by Eneka Stewart Photography I knew the hiatus was over!

Eneka’s fine art photography style of photography is simply stunning and she has really captured the love between the couple Donna & Lukas.

Engagement shoots are a great way to get to know your wedding photographer and to get use to the camera being pointed at you. You really want your photos to capture you happiness and love on your big day, so to have a little warm up session is highly recommended!

Here Eneka tells us a bit more about the gorgeous couple,why she feels its important to have an engagement shoot and what she loved about the shoot…


Eneka Stewart Photography_0034

My engagement shoots are always very informal, usually involving a hot cup of tea or coffee and occasionally a glass of prosecco :). For a location, I recommend that the couples choose a place that is special or important for them so that hopefully the photos will feel for them later in the future more personal and different.

Eneka Stewart Photography_0004 Eneka Stewart Photography_0003

Donna (bride to be) & Lukas (groom to be) chose to have their engagement shoot in Stowe Gardens, Buckinghamshire, which is an excellent and interesting place for photos. We started from the New Inn outside the gardens which is full of interesting historic rooms.

The rooms are laid out as they used to be back in the 19th century so before we headed out to the gardens I wanted to take some indoor shots with them. I love the feeling of indoor photos where the only source of light is from a window or open doors. It makes you feel you enter the couple’s secret life.

Eneka Stewart Photography_0016 Eneka Stewart Photography_0017

I wanted to capture the warmth and closeness of their relationship and the New Inn rooms created a perfect setting for these type of photos. They also played a game of chequers in one of the rooms, which made them more relaxed and it was a good distraction from the camera. We later had a walk around the grounds where my aim was to get some wide shots from a distance but also to get real close for more intimate shots.

Eneka Stewart Photography_0029 Eneka Stewart Photography_0031

Donna & Lukas are getting married in June 2015 at Wyombe Abbey with a civil ceremony followed by the reception, wedding breakfast and dancing in the evening. They will have families travelling from the Philippines, Germany and different parts of England and I can’t wait to photograph their special day.

Stunning… I just love these images. Thank you for sharing them with us! To see more of Eneka’s work visit her website here

Photos by Eneka Stewart Photography

Eneka Stewart Photography_0002 Eneka Stewart Photography_0004 Eneka Stewart Photography_0005 Eneka Stewart Photography_0006 Eneka Stewart Photography_0007 Eneka Stewart Photography_0008 Eneka Stewart Photography_0009 Eneka Stewart Photography_0010 Eneka Stewart Photography_0011 Eneka Stewart Photography_0012 Eneka Stewart Photography_0013 Eneka Stewart Photography_0014 Eneka Stewart Photography_0018 Eneka Stewart Photography_0019 Eneka Stewart Photography_0020 Eneka Stewart Photography_0021 Eneka Stewart Photography_0022 Eneka Stewart Photography_0023 Eneka Stewart Photography_0024 Eneka Stewart Photography_0025 Eneka Stewart Photography_0026 Eneka Stewart Photography_0027 Eneka Stewart Photography_0028 Eneka Stewart Photography_0030 Eneka Stewart Photography_0032 Eneka Stewart Photography_0033 Eneka Stewart Photography_0035 Eneka Stewart Photography_0036


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