A fabulous Texan Wedding

Mr & Mrs Allen

Location: Marfa, Texas 

About your day:

We are both creative and past students of the arts, so we felt immediate attachment and inspiration upon visiting Marfa, TX – a teeny, tiny, beautiful art community set in the harsh, vast landscape of west Texas. We fell in love with the natural beauty, creativity, and laid back pace of the place, as well as with each other on this trip early in our relationship, so when we got engaged, it immediately came to mind as the perfect place for our wedding.

This early decision really set the tone for the rest of our wedding. Marfa is this incredible mash up of a place where you find relics of an old world charm mixed up with a funky, contemporary cultural scene all set amidst a modern art backdrop; where generations of cowboys mix with hipsters, curators, and collectors. The aesthetics are heightened, but so is the sense of the wild and the magical. There is a sense of peace and celebration at the same time, and it is this vibe that we wanted to share with our guests and fill our day.

The breathtaking sunsets inspired our bright and varied color palette. (I love color too much to just choose one or two anyway.) The wild, desert flora inspired our flower (and cacti) choices. The talented local chefs dictated our fantastic and beautiful cuisine.

My dress incorporated an old world Spanish lace look with a contemporary fit that seemed a nod to the area’s past and present.  We incorporated art and craft elements into so many details. The venue, essentially a slate ballroom with gorgeous minimal courtyard grounds, was the perfect canvas for all of our quirky colour.

Tell us how you got engaged:

We took a long road trip from Fort Worth to southern California and back. It was very romantic, full of little adventures. About midway through the trip, on a morning stroll through Balboa Park in San Diego, Colby proposed to me. We were in a cacti garden, (cacti are my favorite plants) and it was completely unexpected. Just one of those amazing mornings where everything seemed right. 

What made your wedding day unique:

All the little things. In addition to being set in a completely bizarre little town, full of its own unique charm.

We incorporated a lot of crafty details: crepe fringe, papel picado flags, antlers, crocheted horseshoe favors (something I picked up on our engagement road trip), painted votives, tumbleweeds, my mom helped me make little “yeehaw” flags for guests to wave during our recessional, a friend sewed a Here Comes the Bride sign, we had a live band playing Buddy Holly covers, another friend surprised us with a special song she had arranged with the band, my brother sang La Bamba, Colby’s parents danced the night away  – even leading us all in a conga line(their first dance ever!), Colby designed a really neat sign with our initials, date, and the words “love” and had it installed in an old gas station marquee left on the property, and I’m pretty sure we drove away in the most unique getaway car ever…a vintage hearse painted in Texas murals (owned by a Marfa boutique).  It was just full of joy and love. 

Any advice to couples planning their big day?

On top of all the typical stuff like don’t sweat the small things, nothing is perfect, and enjoy each moment (all good to remember in moments of stress)…I actually think space and music are really important elements to keep in mind. Choose a venue that is going to be physically comfortable and fun for guests. Great music is one of the easiest ways to ensure an energetic celebration.




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