A Quirky & Original Australian Wedding

Mr & Mrs Butcher

I saw this wedding on Christine Lim‘s photography blog and completely fell in love with the details in this wedding! The dress, the venue, the styling- So much time, thought and energy must of gone into it, for it to look so perfect but at the same time, so natural! Ive loved looking through these images, hope you will too.

What made your wedding day unique:

We wanted our day to be an intimate, special occasion that reflected both of us, our love and our lives together while being romantic and whimsical in the old fashioned, home-made sort of way. Ever since I was little I have always noticed and valued the little personal touches that people put in and I think that those little touches are absolutely vital in creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and happiness so we went to town and filled the whole day with them!

I am and always have been a bit of a “collector”, I like to use the word collector instead of hoarder although Leon would definitely use the “H” word if you ask him, but it all came in handy because we used everything and anything that i had collected over the years to decorate our venues and it couldn’t have looked more perfect and “us”.

Any advice to couples planning their big day?

Make sure you enjoy the whole planning process, even when you are stressed up to your eyeballs and tears are streaming down your cheeks from being so tired because it really is one of the most incredible days you with both have!

My only other tip is to have fun with the styling of it all, if you are like me and love a thousand different ideas and cant narrow them down then find a way to use them all – we had a different centrepiece for each table because there are just way too many cute things looking for loving homes out there and it still ended up looking amazing ha-ha! 

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