A Relaxed Family Weekend Wedding Celebration

_0001 Photos by: Albert Palmer Photography

Mr & Mrs Taylor-Bird

This wedding was sent to me by Mr & Mrs Unique supplier Tamara from Wild Bunch who provided the beautiful blooms for this stunning wedding. I love the details and creativity of this wedding- the fun garden games, bunting, masks, the confetti cones… The photos have really captured the fun that was had on the day! I contacted Albert Palmer Photography to ask if he was happy for us to feature this glorious wedding and luckily he agreed. Here the bride Hannah tells us a bit about thier day:

Patrick and I both love the outdoors and embarking on exciting adventures from mountain biking to canoeing and camping. We’ve been together 10 years and have had lots of fun adventures together already.

Whilst we wanted the celebration to be romantic we also wanted it to be relaxed and fun. We’re not ones for taking ourselves too seriously.

I think it’s a good idea to think about why you’re doing certain things rather than doing everything that’s expected of you. For example, chose not to have any bridesmaids and I walked sown the aisle to meet Patrick with a little flower girl and both my mum and dad.


From the start we knew we wanted a weekend celebration because we hoped to savour the moments and make it last as long as possible. We knew we wanted to invite as many friends and family as possible and not be limited to smaller numbers. And finally we planned to do a lot of the planning and creativity ourselves. We’re creative people anyway (we run a small video production company called Maia Media) so it just made sense to put as much of our own stamp on the wedding as possible. Walcot Hall was a really special find and as a venue it made our vision possible. We rented the venue out for a full 48 hours which allowed us to decorate the hall and grounds the day before the wedding. It was great fun seeing everything come together.

On the evening before our wedding we asked everyone to bring a dish and somehow successfully created the most delicious buffet. This was one of our biggest worries but it turns out you can rely on friends an family to hep out a little. We then planned a lovely bonfire on top of the hill. We had made our own S’mores kits so people toasted marshmallows and sat on hay bales chatting. It was a great start and I really think it helped people relax into the wedding day itself.

The actual day itself just felt magical. At one point I remember walking through a tunnel of friends and family throwing rose petals over us and I just thought life really couldn’t get any better.  It’s quite something to be surrounded by so many people you love.

Tell us how you got engaged?

We were on a mountain biking holiday in the French Alps when Patrick proposed. We were enjoying a lovely alfresco meal in the small village of San Foy when Patrick popped the question. He had my great grandmothers engagement ring which made it extra special.

Any advice to couples planning their big day?

We really enjoyed planning it ourselves and adding our own touches of creativity. I’d say don’t get to bogged down with what you think should be done and focus on what you both like. Brainstorm together and talk about plans well in advance.

We got my mum and dad involved a lot and together we came up with lots of creative ideas. It was nice to have people who know us very well and who weren’t going to get too bored with wedding talk. My mum was great helping me choose a dress (I’m not really a dress kinda girl) and my dad spent hours on creative projects from making beautiful bunting, planting crates of flowers and making personalised confetti cones.

Many thanks for sharing your day with us Hannah & Patrick!

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