A Rockabilly Post-Wedding Manchester Photo Shoot…

Photos by Jenny Winstone Photography

Photos by Jenny Winstone Photography

Post-Wedding Shoots…

Have you ever thought about a post wedding shoot? A lot of time on a wedding day can be taken up by photos of the couple, plus of friends and family. Well in this case, the gorgeous bride Jen and her hubby Gaz, decided on a post wedding shoot as they had a late reception and didn’t want to waste any time on the day posing for photos!

In steps photographer Jenny Winstone who gave them plenty of time to create some amazing photos after their actual wedding day, giving Jen the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and wear her wedding dress again!

Photographer Jenny and her partner John have also created some FREE rockabilly printable invitations just for you! Check them out further down in the post.

In the meantime, here Jenny and the couple Jen & Gaz tells us about the shoot, the wedding day and why they decided on this post wedding shoot…

Jenny Winstone- Photographer…

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0002

What was your thoughts behind this post wedding shoot?

It was really interesting actually. Both the couple Jen & Gaz and myself decided on the All Star Lanes in Manchester to keep to the retro theme for this post wedding shoot. Jen loves the rockabilly pin up look so we thought it would work well. She also sings in a punk band.

The All Star Lanes actually do weddings there! They have a license so that couples can get married using the bowling lanes as an aisle! They have have a private room with a bowling ally in and drinks and food. It’s a great venue.

We really wanted the couples personality and interests to come through in the images and I think they do. They’re a couple that like to do things a little different so the images had to reflect that. It can work much better for late afternoon weddings to get the styled couple shots done at a later time. Its a lot more relaxed that way and it’s something else fun to look forward to after the madness of the day is over.

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0003

Jen – The Bride…

How did he propose…

Initially he proposed when we were on a college trip in Paris! (ah young love!!) As we were young uns he didn’t have a ring so I think it was about a year later and we had just gone for a walk one weekend and he proposed in the middle of a field!

How did you plan your day…

It was about 12 months before the big day that I started my planning – any earlier and it would have driven me mad!! A couple of already wed friends gave me lists of things to remember and I went from there basically. There wasn’t any order or structure to the planning. Pinterest was a great help and is a fantastic idea, it can become quite obsessive. You can get ideas for DIY’s, colour themes, anything really.

What gave you the inspiration for the theme day…

The ‘theme’ was just ‘us’ really! The rockabilly aspects are more my thing than Gazzs but we had stuff in there for both of us. 

How did you keep your costs down… 

Doing things ourselves rather than paying someone to organize it. I’m an event’s organizer anyway so it made sense that I would do it myself! There were a lot of DIY aspects and we had a lot of help from friends and colleagues!!

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0005

What was the best bargain item you had for the wedding? 

Loads of stuff! Our shoes were all pretty reasonably priced thanks to scouring the internet and the tables decorations as we made most of them ourselves.

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0006

Why did you think it was important to have some styled images done after the wedding? 

On the day of the wedding we got some beautiful images from our photographer and some of the candid shots were just beautiful but there’s never enough time for posed images!

We had a late afternoon wedding and one of my wedding bugbears is when the bride and groom go off for hours to have their photos done and keep their guests waiting. We didn’t want to do this as we wanted to spend as much time as possible with our family and friends so we decided the to have a post wedding shoot to give me a good excuse for me to wear my wedding dress again!

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0007

What advice would you give to other couples on how to avoid the family politics at wedding? 

When doing the table plans it was a real struggle deciding on where we would sit as we didn’t want a top table. We decided to have a ‘table for two’ for us which meant our family and friends got to sit with the people they felt comfortable with and we got a little bit of alone time which can be hard to find on the day as everything is so busy!

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0025

How did you beat the post wedding blues…

Our honeymoon was lovely and relaxing and when we got back I went on tour with my band so there was little time to reflect as it was so busy!! You do get that down feeling when its all over though as so much excitement has been building and then that big event that you have been looking forward to has passed.

I was a little sad that the big day was all over but also relieved that it had gone exactly how we planned. When I feel the post wedding blues coming on I just remind myself of what a wonderful day it was and that I have married life to look forward to now! Oh and that I don’t have the stress of wedding planning anymore haha!

So take note, if you have a late ceremony planned or you’re feeling stressed about posing for photos on your wedding day- Relax! Perhaps look into a post-wedding shoot and take all the pressure out from the day!

Thanks so much for sharing this shoot with us Jenny! She has also kindly offered our readers some fab printable downloads- Click on the below links to get the file. If you would like to speak to the designer about further stationery or other ideas you can contact him here: John Lees Graphic Design http://www.jennywinstonephotography.co.uk/graphic-design-services

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0030  Download: A5 WEDDING INVITE PRINTABLE PDF

Jen & Gazz Post wedding shoot Jenny Winstone_0031


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