A Woodland Festival Style Wedding

_0001 Photos by Brighton Photo

Mr & Mrs Fairhurst

Using two of our amazing suppliers, Brighton Photo and Doily Days; Tina and Paul were able to create and capture their fantastic woodland festival style wedding called Juhurstbury- I am so happy to share it with you today!

Tina & Paul didn’t want a run of the mill wedding day, they decided they wanted a truly memorable day that represented them as individuals. After searching through many venues they found the perfect spot at Wise Wedding Venue in Tonbridge, a gorgeous spot that included two tree houses, a pond and a marquee.


A festival chic dress code was requested for the day and the ceremony was set in the woods complete with lampshades hanging from trees, rugs, dressing tables and flowers. The marquee was a blank canvas and with the skills of the Doily Days team it was brought to life and included a 1970’s living room set, which was a focal point for relaxing, eating and playing games!

I love all the details from the day including the flowers in glass jars, the pom pom’s hanging from the tree and the gentleman’s buttonholes! But I think my favourite is the retro lounge for people to chill out in and play a few games in the evening!

Here Brighton Photo captures their day- tons of laughter, music, booze and delicious food; exactly how a wedding should be!

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