• Designed to suit your exact tastes, everything is tailored to your requirements.
  • Every piece is hand painted and gilded using traditional methods.
  • Unique items which are not available anywhere else.
  • Genuine 23 carat gold leaf used.
  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime: the gold will stay beautiful for as long as you do!

About Us…

Using the techniques and materials of traditional sign painting and gilding, Andrew J Mason creates unique wedding signs which can be used both at the wedding itself, but that will also last as the perfect memento of the big day. Everything I make is bespoke and designed to your specific requirements so you can choose your style, colour scheme and even the type of gold or other metal leaf you’d like. My pieces are truly unique and each one is a genuine one of a kind.

Ideal For…

My work will appeal to couples who are looking for something a little different for their wedding day as well as those who have a love of hand painted lettering, sign painting, typography or perhaps you just love a bit of bling in your life!

What Makes Us Unique…

I only work with genuine high quality gold leaf, no imitation leaf or foil, but also use copper and silver leaf too. I’m very happy to design something especially for you or perhaps you have an idea I’ve not thought of yet. Either way my finished signs are guaranteed to last a lifetime and will act as a permanent reminder of your special day.