Bespoke Verse & Nevie Pie’s Cake

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As you may be aware I helped organise a unique and eclectic wedding fair, Tie The Knot Wedding Carnival, that took place at the stunning Walled Garden of Hexton Manor, Hertfordshire. As with all events lots of planning, emails and ideas went back and forth and there was one email I particularly got excited about!

Jo from Bespoke Verse and Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes had decided to create a special collaboration cake especially for Tie The Knot. For those who don’t know, Jo is a word wizard and writes the most beautiful and witty poems and speeches, whilst Natasha from Nevie Pie is a cake baking genius with painting skills to match! So to hear they were planning to create a joint project to unveil at the fair was really rather exciting… and they didn’t disappoint!

Here is Natasha and Jo tell us about why they decided to get their heads together:


Jo is a lovely lady from my town who I first met years ago in antenatal classes. She has since set up a fabulous business writing poems for weddings, birthdays and special occasions. Her company is called Bespoke Verse and is well worth checking out if you need a very personal present for someone special.

Anyway I rashly suggested we collaborate and I paint one of her poems onto a cake! I have been mulling over how to do this for some time now as there are some lovely poem cakes out there but I wanted to do something different…

I wanted to incorporate flowers and have the whole of the poem on the front so that you can read Jo’s fabulous words without having to move around the cake! I decided to make it look really handwritten… I wanted to use the cake as a background for the poem rather than just the poem as decoration, to give Jo’s wonderful words their due.


It was all Natasha’s brilliant idea and when I looked around on pinterest, I couldn’t find a good example of a poem on a cake – certainly not one where you could read the words.  I particularly like the fact that is is very natural in terms of the handwriting style and the flower decoration. It’s always exciting to see how someone else can visualise a poem. I’m a wordsmith, with no design background, so I’m always hungry for the ideas of professionals!

I’ve had my poems put on chocolate bar wrappers, tattoos, cards, favours, invitations, school newletters, but never a cake! I’m very flattered Natasha offered to do it. She’s always brilliantly supportive, despite becoming a bit of a local media celeb!

The poem comes from a range of ‘What is a?’ poems, of which there are now 11. It is our best seller by far and has featured in several wedding magazines, such as Wedding Ideas and Unique Bride. Lots of brides are buying the poem to use as a wedding reading this year, which is wonderful.

The poems intention was to capture the everyday experiences of marriage – that it can be boring as well as inspiring, mundane as well as exciting.  I use conversational language, so my poems are accessible to everyone, and the humour comes in the rhymes, which I try to make humorous.

You can buy this poem from online retailers Not on the High Street. It is currently listed on page one of their ‘best wedding gifts’ section


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