• Non-traditional foods for wedders with a sense of adventure.
  • Slick and stylish vintage vehicle, perfect for Instagram #weddinggoals
  • Variety of menu options to tickle your tastebuds
  • Can offer bespoke packages including licensed bar and wait-staff
  • Executive chef with twenty years of culinary experience 

About Us…

You can blame it on the goose, you can blame it on the weatherman, you can even blame it on the boogie. But if you’re looking for somewhere to place blame for incredible flavours and the goodest of vibes, then look no further because Frank the Tank is as guilty as a puppy in a pile of shredded toilet rolls.

The most important part of throwing a baller event is to invite really awesome guests. The second most important part is to stuff those guests full of the sexiest food they’ve ever encountered. That’s where we come in…we offer the whole package, from delicious food to full service as well as bar options if you fancy a tipple or three!

At Blame Frank we feel that food should be flavourful, fun and freshly cooked with plenty of flare. Our chef finds inspiration everywhere he goes (and he’s been around). As a result, we’ve combined those global flavours and ingredients with classical cooking to ensure that the food for your special day is unique and exciting, while still beautiful and refined. All of our culinary experimentation is supported by a smorgasbord of professional training and experience. So even if you are looking for a meal that is a bit less street and a bit more fine dining then don’t stress, we know how to make your dining damn fine.

What Makes Us Unique…

Frank himself is a devastatingly cool British made Bedford Dormobile refurbished to within an inch of his life and custom painted to ensure that he will never fade into the background. In a previous life he was a military ration van, so food has always been in his blood.

Of course, a bright green food truck is not everyone’s ideal backdrop for a wedding, so the Blame Frank kitchen is fully flexible and able to offer a professional gazebo set-up for outdoor events, or even work alongside your chosen venue to serve from their in-house facilities. Frank does love a good party though and is always a big hit when used for the late-night munchies to soak up the beer!

Our aim at Blame Frank is to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, so our range of menus offer options to keep your guests fed throughout the whole of your day. From canapes to chef’s bowls, tacos to BBQ boards, sliders to sit down meals… we have you covered for every stage of your event.

We also offer a more casual supper range and if you have something a little different in mind, we’d be happy to work with you to create a completely bespoke menu.

Dietary requirements? No problem! BLAME Frank has a great, specially designed variety of plant-based food for anyone that requires any vegetarian or vegan dishes, and many of our dishes either already are or can be made gluten-free, dairy-free or anything else free so everyone can get a taste of Frank.