• Meaningful, memorable gifts that are more than just a cash donation
  • Beautiful, customisable online wedding list designs
  • 100% independent, with dedicated personal support
  • Unique options, including gift payments by Direct Debit
  • Simple, honest pricing and a 7-day free trial

About Us…

We’re the UK’s top wedding gift list service for your dream honeymoon.

It works in a very similar way to a traditional department store gift registry, but instead of kitchen implements or fresh towels, you put together a list of experiences and activities for your honeymoon — from contributions towards your flights or accommodation, to an afternoon swimming with dolphins or wine tasting at a vineyard.

Instead of bed sheets, have the first night of your hotel stay; instead of a toaster, have a romantic breakfast watching the sun rise over the ocean.

You’re limited only by your imagination in what to include, from tiny, meaningful treats all the way to once-in-a-lifetime luxuries. You can use the service with any travel operator, for any destination, whether you’ve finalised all your plans or not.

Your guests choose from any of the ideas you’ve listed, and leave you a personal message. They then simply pay the value of their gift to you directly, facilitated by the site.

Buy Our Honeymoon is uniquely flexible and incredibly easy to use. You get valuable help towards your honeymoon expenses, and your guests get to choose a wedding gift that can mean something to them.

What Makes Us Unique…

The rigid format of a traditional wedding list doesn’t really apply to a honeymoon registry, so our service needs to be super-flexible. We’re dedicated to providing an easy-to-use system for you to craft a honeymoon gift list that tells the story you want to tell.

You can choose from a selection of discreet web addresses for your list, and our own branding stays subtle so the focus is all on you.

We have a wide variety of gorgeous, versatile design themes that you can customise with your own photography — and there are no ads to ruin the view.

You can mix one-off gifts and open contributions on the same list, divide your list up into any number of custom sections and display your gift items in any order you like. There’s plenty of room for you to provide a full description of each item, and you can even include simple formatting and links.

We’re the only wedding gift list service to offer gift payments by Direct Debit, and we don’t take our fee out of the gifts you receive.

Less stuff. More memories. Start your free 7-day trial today with no risk, and no obligation.