• Engagement and wedding rings designed around your personality and tastes
  • Perfectly matched wedding ring sets to represent your relationship.
  • Work closely with an experienced jewellery designer and manufacturer, letting him help you walk through the bespoke jewellery process.
  • Tremendous flexibility of design choices.
  • An original and unique jewellery collection, elegantly engineered and easy to wear.

About Us…

CAD Fantastic Jewellery is a relationship-based bespoke jewellery designer working in London. We focus on creating elegant and graceful bespoke fine jewellery which is as unique as the individuals and couples who wear it.

CAD Fantastic Jewellery is the creation of Hatton Garden jeweller Jack Meyer. For more than 14 years he’s been working as a jewellery designer and manufacturer for high street jewellers and independent designers in London and the US.

Jack created the CAD Fantastic based on his experiences within the trade, observing what customers wanted and the emotional journey they had to go through when choosing a ring. He became convinced there was a better way of serving the customer.

In addition to our personalisable collections of wedding and engagement rings, we offer a unique service called Custom Couples Wedding Ring Sets. I work with individuals or couples to develop engagement and wedding ring sets which not only suit each individual’s personality, but also look like they belong together.

Ideal for…

Our bespoke jewellery design service is ideal for individuals and couples who:

Have looked around at various jewellery shops online or on the high street, and are unimpressed with how every design looks exactly the same.

Would like to work together with a bespoke designer to help develop something truly original based around you and your partner’s personalities, and the dynamic of your relationship.

Have a creative mind and maybe even some original ideas, and want a jeweller with some flexibility to help them make their original vision a beautiful reality.

What Makes Us Unique…

Just about every jeweller out there makes wedding rings, and many provide bespoke services. Our difference is in what we can do, and how we can do it.

For the past 11 years Jack has been teaching other jewellers from across the UK and Europe how to apply their jewellery design and manufacturing skills into jewellery CAD, and over time he has become known as one of the most knowledgeable and adaptable jewellery CAD designers in the UK.

By combining traditional hand-made jewellery design and manufacturing skills with recent innovations in CAD/CAM and 3D printing, we can create just about any form the customers can dream of in metal with gemstones.