Meet The Supplier… Castle Yurts

Photos by Cinzia Bruschini

Photos by Cinzia Bruschini

Handcrafted Yurts…

Today we introduce to you the team at Castle Yurts who recently joined our incredible team here at Mr & Mrs Unique. We love to cherry pick some awesome wedding and event suppliers for you and Castle Yurts are no exception!

Not only do they hire out yurts, they beautifully handcraft them themselves. They have a comprehensive collection of large yurts including a 60ft whooper! Just look at them… They are SO magical… BIG LOVE!!!

Castle Yurts…

Castle Yurts_0002

What made you start up the business…

Castle Yurts Ltd was a natural progression from making yurts for sale for many years, as well as being part of offering yurt making workshops, and various green wood work projects. We set up the Ltd company when embarking upon making our 60ft wedding yurt and this was a key turning point for the business.

What makes you Unique…

We have a comprehensive collection of large yurts for hire, and with our largest being able to seat all guests in one space, rather than having to link multiple yurts together. Another beauty of this is that furniture often doesn’t need to be moved for the evening reception/dancing to commence. We also hand craft and design our yurts ourselves. The 60ft yurt is a one off.

We are a couple, a team, and a family business. We compliment each others varying skills and grow together through the business.

Castle Yurts_0003 Castle Yurts_0004

What kind of couples match your style of service…

Anyone who is looking for something a little bit different, desiring the opportunity to have more control over their wedding setting. Couples with a sense of adventure who are looking for creative input to one of the biggest days they are likely to plan! A love of natural materials also goes very well with what we offer, and generally our brides are looking for something outside of the packages normally on offer.

Castle Yurts_0005 Castle Yurts_0006

Tells us what you love about your business…

We love the freedom it gives us, the opportunities to meet so many creative people with interesting visions and be a part of bringing them to life. It also takes us to many varied, interesting and inspiring venues and locations.

We have a great team here at Castle Yurts, and many jobs take us away from home for a few nights, which is a great opportunity for team building, growing friendships, and sharing ideas.

We love working with natural materials, crafting away in a workshop surrounded by ancient trees in an historic setting.

We also enjoy working with new couples for their wedding, each couple has a different style and it’s really lovely to see it come to life in our yurts!

Castle Yurts_0008 Castle Yurts_0009

Most favourite event/ wedding…

It’s tricky to choose from the lovely weddings and events we have worked on! One stand out moment was having Mumford and Son’s play in our 60ft yurt at a boutique festival.

All the weddings we have been lucky to be a part of are favourites in their own way.

A real stand out wedding would be that of Gabriel’s brother. It was this wedding that we decided to make our 60ft yurt for, as at the time we didn’t have one big enough. The lead us into the wedding market/direction with our yurts and we haven’t looked back! It was very special to provide the yurt for their wedding, have our whole family see and experience our creation (a lot of sweat, a few tears, and a whole lot of fun went into making this yurt!), and even better, get to experience it as a wedding guest.

Photos by McKinley Rodgers

Photos by McKinley Rodgers

Castle Yurts_0015

People’s reaction to your business…

People are generally really blown away by the size of our biggest yurts, rarely having stepped into a wooden temporary structure on such a scale, with such obvious craftmanship.

In general people are often really interested in the fact that we also make and design the yurts ourselves and reactions are really positive.

These are so incredible… such beautiful yurts!!! If you would like to find out more about Castle Yurts you can visit their website here or pop over to our directory here 

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