Festive Rainbow Wedding Inspiration at The Barn in Avington

Festive Rainbow Wedding Inspiration…

With Christmas just around the corner (seriously where has this year gone?) we have a bright rainbow festive shoot to share with you today.

The team behind the inspiration wanted to show that you didn’t have to base your styling around traditional Christmas colours and themes. Instead they focused on colourful wedding props including mismatched painted chairs, a Christmas tree ceremony teepee, glitter cakes and lots of rainbow pom poms. Over to Beth from Beth A Weddings to tell us more…

Beth A Weddings…

The inspiration for the shoot came from our love of the 2018 rainbow trend. We love being bright and bold and felt that the trend should continue as it gets cold. Christmas should be celebrated in the most colourful way possible. Too often couples are encouraged to go for cool blues or festive reds and greens, but if we can be unique in the summer then why not embrace colour for winter too.  

The details on the table were the most fun to style. Matching Christmas decorations to our rainbow chairs and place settings led to me being totally surrounded by glitter and nostalgia. It’s a great favour idea for winter weddings as it’ll bring back happy memories each year you hang it on the tree.  

What makes this inspiration unique?

This shoot is unique as the couple have big smiles on their faces. Nothing serious here. Christmas and your wedding are two times when there is no room for boring or serious. Embrace the madness and colourful festivity.  

Top tips for couples who want to recreate this style…

My tip for readers is to be bold and enjoy yourself. With These Hands styled the amazing Christmas tree ceremony teepee, questioning what they were doing throughout. But when we all stood back and looked at it complete, we all agreed that we loved it. 

Weddings should be fun, and this certainly was! For winter weddings, a hot chocolate bar will keep guests feeling cosy and glitter for bridesmaids will make them look like Christmas fairies! The holly came from the garden and made the table so festive without costing anything.

My most important tip is not to forget the finishing touches. The gold rimmed glasses from Crystal Hire Ltd added a little sophistication, the pompoms on the bar tied it in with the rainbow theme, cakes by Sparkle Bakes showed that a rainbow wedding doesn’t have to mean your traditional rainbow layer cake and delicate beading on the dress by Sienna Von Hildemar gave the bride a little Christmas sparkle. 



Venue: The Barn at Avington
Styling / Coordination: Beth A Weddings
Photographers: Lorna Richerby and Cooper Photography
Venue Styling and Props: With these hands
Cakes: Sparkle Bakes
Chairs: Purple Door Props
Tableware: Crystal Hire Ltd.
Stationery: Caligrafia

Cards box: Belles Soeurs
Bridal: Sienna Von Hildemar
Hair Styling: Bridal Hair by Poppy
Bride: Imogen Rose Crew
Groom: Matthew Roberts

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