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Cocktail Classes, South West, Oxford, Gloucestershire, Culinery Creative as seen on Mr & Mrs Unique Creative, Boozy Cocktail Sessions…

Our favourite guys at Culinary Creative have put together some creative and delicious cocktail making parties… ideal for fun hen parties, stag do’s, private corporate do’s and birthday parties!

The package can be tailor made for your event and will include everything you need.

With their boozy knowledge, you know you’ll be in for a fun time!  

Prices start from £30pp based of groups of 10. 

Included are 3 cocktails per person.

Demonstrations, cocktail techniques and product sampling.

We can also add some games and prizes as well.

All of the events can be as informative or interactive as you want.

Here is an amazing Christmas cocktail recipe from the team just for you…

Cocktail Classes, South West, Oxford, Gloucestershire, Culinery Creative as seen on Mr & Mrs Unique

Hot Smoked Buttered Rum…

Hot buttered rum cocktails date back to around 1917 to when early publications of cocktails were around and rum ruled the world. Its roots are based on the colonial days of the rum trade. So as the name suggests it is a simple drink that uses Rum, usually dark,  hot water (or cider), butter, some spices and sweeteners.

We have elevated ours by smoking the butter.  The choice of rum is also important and depends on your palate.  I have used Angostura 1919 as it has a caramel, vanilla finish.


50ml Angostura 1919 Rum

75ml of hot water

50gr Salted butter

1 orange, to grate the peel.

Cinnamon (pinch)

Fresh nutmeg (grated)

1 tsp Muscovado sugar


As with any buttered rum drink you need to make a batter. Firstly you need the butter at room temperature so it is soft, DO NOT melt the butter, mix in the cinnamon, nutmeg, muscovado sugar and orange peel.

Cover the butter in a bowl with cling film add the smoke and seal the bowl so the smoke infuses the butter.

In a warmed mug, add 75ml of hot water.

Add a large teaspoon of the smoked batter mix and stir until blended

Add 50 ml of Angostura rum, stir and serve

Imagine you’ve been out for a cold, crisp walk, you’ve just got in, the fires on and friends are round…how good does this cocktail sound?

To find out more about their classes or you would like to book their unique mobile bar van “Gumpy’, you can visit their website here or email them at

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