The Colourful, Native American Inspired Wedding of Debbie & Simon…

Fun, Navajo themed celebration…

Today we’re bringing you the super fun and colourful wedding of Debbie & Simon, captured beautifully by one of our very own suppliers, Charlotte from Three Flowers Photography.

This weekend-long, Navajo inspired wedding was amazingly styled, and Debbie & Simon ensured that everything was truly personal to them. Cacti, hobbie horses for the kids and an awesome ‘Trail Mix Bar’ teamed with lots of bright,  cheerful colours, makes for a unique day that we just love here at Mr & Mrs Unique – enjoy!…

Name of the couple: Debbie & Simon

Wedding Venue: Cliff Barns, Narborough, Norfolk

Charlotte from Three Flowers Photography…


Why you love this wedding…

I could gush about this wedding for ages, but basically I loved this wedding because Debbie and Simon had done a fabulous job with the styling and were very brave with the riot of colour involved but mainly because they did exactly what they wanted, you really got a feel for who they were!


What were the couple’s requirements…

Mostly to capture their day as it unfolded but we did work on their portraits with a pre-wedding shoot as that part of the photography was important to them.  Mother Nature was on top form and gifted us an amazing sunset too!

Favourite details of the day…

That’s difficult as everything was so beautifully co-ordinated but my definite favourites were the flowers, exquisite, Debbie’s dress was breath-taking and Simon and the boy’s bow ties!

colourful-native-american-wedding_0002 colourful-native-american-wedding_0006

Favourite moment of the day…

Definitely when the sun came out from behind grey clouds {where it had hidden all day}, at the exact time we’d planned our second portrait session.  There was a squeal accompanied happy dance from me!!

Debbie & Simon…


Tell us how you met…

We met at work, no drunken Christmas party story (thank goodness), we just met through mutual friends and slowly started getting to know each other and ‘testing the water’ with occasional meet-ups outside of work – “not dates!”. We got together about 6 months after meeting, when Simon’s beloved football team Dorchester Town were playing against Chelmsford City, and he dragged me along to watch on a freezing February Saturday.


What were your main hopes and dreams for the day…

We wanted a really relaxed wedding and to be able to spend quality time with our family and friends. To enable this, we particularly sought out a venue that the wedding party could stay for the whole weekend, and one that meant we could invite all of our wedding guests back on the Sunday too. This really helped to remove some pressure from the Wedding day itself, as we knew we’d get to spend time with everyone at some point.

Whilst getting married outside wasn’t originally high on our list of priorities, once we’d seen how wonderfully it would work in the courtyard at Cliff Barns, we couldn’t imagine it any other way! Unfortunately with torrential rain the day before, our hopes were slim, but amazingly it brightened up just before the final decision had to be made on the Saturday morning – and we went for it! So lucky!!  

colourful-native-american-wedding_0005 colourful-native-american-wedding_0011

We also wanted all of our guests to have a brilliant time! So we thought about things to make our guests enjoy themselves; we offered welcome drinks on arrival, we provided a ’Trail Mix Bar’ as well as canapés so that everyone wasn’t wishing away the afternoon until the wedding Breakfast. Similarly we opened the bar straight away after the ceremony. We also arranged for the band to play an acoustic set in the afternoon, provided flip-flops for the dance floor and had baskets of toiletries in the toilets!     

What was your favourite part of the day…

Too many to mention…hanging out with bridal/groom parties in the morning, saying ‘I Do’, walking down the aisle, drinks and band in the courtyard, the hilarious speeches, dance floor fun!

colourful-native-american-wedding_0008 How was your day unique…

We tried to ensure everything fitted in with the navajo theme (inspired by the venue), without going over the top…we had mini cacti for our favours, the boys had cool socks, we bought hobby horses for the children to play with, we had a ‘Trail Mix Bar’ (rather than a sweetie table) for guests to snack on. 

Whilst we had a few colours more prominent in the theme (orange and blue), we tried not to be too militant about it, so actually our flowers had pinks and yellows in too!


What was your budget…


What was your biggest expense…

The venue! We spent a lot of time researching venues online, but in the end only visited Cliff Barns and absolutely fell in love with its American Ranch style! We weren’t sure we could afford it at first, and started to look for other places, but I think by then we’d started to imagine the cool/quirky wedding we could have there. We worked out if we were strict with our budgeting on other things, we could just manage it.


How did you save money…

We were incredibly lucky to have family and friends offer to help us make things (don’t be afraid to say yes!) – so with their help…we tried to make as much as possible ourselves to save money, but also to ensure our style/theme came though. We designed and printed the invites, orders of service, menus and guest book cards ourselves.

We bought a twig wreath and turned it into a dream catcher for our table plan and we made small dream catchers to decorate the marquee (a surprise activity on my hen do). We made the ‘Trail Mix Bar’ ourselves – filled assorted jars with savoury snacks, and decorated plain paper tubs to serve in. I collected glass bottles from work to serve our welcome drinks in (and spent far too long decorating them with beads and feathers!). 

colourful-native-american-wedding_0001 colourful-native-american-wedding_0016

We also bought ‘high street’ shoes, dresses and jewellery for the bridesmaids, and tried to buy other outfits when on sale or with discount – the Dad’s wore trousers & jackets from M&S! My shoes were high street too, and Simon managed to get a discount through his work on the groom party shoes.

We also asked the florist to make wrist snaps for the bridesmaids rather than bouquets, which as well as save money, looked cool and a bit different.

What was is like working with your photographer…

A delight! Charlotte was so helpful and nudged us along with getting organised for the big day – getting us to draw up the time plan in advance and planning the particular photos we wanted. The practice shoot was also a great opportunity to meet Charlotte, talk about the style of photos we wanted, and get used to being in front of the camera. This definitely helped the photo sessions flow better on the wedding day.


Advice to any couples about to get married…

Get things booked as soon as you can! We got engaged in September and married the following July, but with the exception of the venue, didn’t really start planning the wedding until January. Whilst it’s totally possible to plan a wedding in 6 months, we found it hard to get a band (most were booked way in advance) and hairdresser (the recommended and ‘wedding’ hairdressers were booked too, so I just had to google salons near to the venue and in the end we had to pay extra to get a hairdresser to travel a bit further afield).

A huge thank you for sharing this incredible day…. If you would like to see Three Flowers Photography website you can do that here.

colourful-native-american-wedding_0017 colourful-native-american-wedding_0018 colourful-native-american-wedding_0019 colourful-native-american-wedding_0020 colourful-native-american-wedding_0021 colourful-native-american-wedding_0022 colourful-native-american-wedding_0023 colourful-native-american-wedding_0024 colourful-native-american-wedding_0025 colourful-native-american-wedding_0026 colourful-native-american-wedding_0027 colourful-native-american-wedding_0028 colourful-native-american-wedding_0029 colourful-native-american-wedding_0030 colourful-native-american-wedding_0031 colourful-native-american-wedding_0032 colourful-native-american-wedding_0033 colourful-native-american-wedding_0034 colourful-native-american-wedding_0035   colourful-native-american-wedding_0037 colourful-native-american-wedding_0038 colourful-native-american-wedding_0003 colourful-native-american-wedding_0039 colourful-native-american-wedding_0040 colourful-native-american-wedding_0041 colourful-native-american-wedding_0042 colourful-native-american-wedding_0044 colourful-native-american-wedding_0045 colourful-native-american-wedding_0046 colourful-native-american-wedding_0047 colourful-native-american-wedding_0048 colourful-native-american-wedding_0049 colourful-native-american-wedding_0050 colourful-native-american-wedding_0051 colourful-native-american-wedding_0052 colourful-native-american-wedding_0053 colourful-native-american-wedding_0054 colourful-native-american-wedding_0055 colourful-native-american-wedding_0057 colourful-native-american-wedding_0056 colourful-native-american-wedding_0058 colourful-native-american-wedding_0059 colourful-native-american-wedding_0060 colourful-native-american-wedding_0061   colourful-native-american-wedding_0063 colourful-native-american-wedding_0064 colourful-native-american-wedding_0065 colourful-native-american-wedding_0066 colourful-native-american-wedding_0067 colourful-native-american-wedding_0068 colourful-native-american-wedding_0069

The Team…

Wedding Venue: Cliff Barns

Wedding Dress: Rembo Styling

Accessories: Rembo Styling

Grooms Attire: Suit by Paul Smith,  Shoes by Ted Baker, Bowties by Tweed Fiend 

Flowers: Swaffham Florist 

Stationery: By Debbie & Simon

Cake: Eventiss Wedding Cakes 

Hair: The Cottage Hair & Beauty 


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