The Colourful, Tipi Wedding of Simon & Jon…

Relaxed, Outdoor Celebration…

Today we’re sharing the vibrant, festival inspired wedding of Simon & Jon, brought to us by one of our awesome suppliers, World Inspired Tents.  This wonderful, friendly team provide a fab alternative to a traditional marquee – suitable for any event, at any time of year!

Simon & Jon wanted an informal celebration with their closest friends and family, and it looks like they achieved just that! From some truly elegant venue interiors to a laid-back garden party and outstanding tipi, they managed to put their own unique stamp on all of it, and we LOVE it!

Name of the couple: Simon & Jon

Ceremony venue:  Bishop’s Court, Exeter

Reception Venue: Westcott House, Exeter and World Inspired Tents

Layla from World Inspired Tents…


Why you love this wedding…

Simon and Jon and did such a fantastic job of choosing a theme and making it their own.  There were so many individual details, from the personalised flower boxes to the name themed cup cakes – complete with ‘Birds’ and (phone) ‘Booths’. 


What were the couple’s requirements…

They were looking for informal festival wedding inspiration, which we were more than able to help with! Simon and Jon were a delight to deal with from their initial enquiry.  They came to see the tipis at our Open Weekend and Simon in particular was very enthusiastic and interested in the part the tipis were to play in their big day (while Jon was particularly keen on toasting marshmallows!). 

They also met Sarah Lauren at the Open Weekend, who they hit it off with immediately. She went on capture their big day – and very beautifully in our opinion!


Favourite details of the day…

The tipis were a complete contrast to the sumptuous interiors of Bishop’s Court , but they work gorgeously together. We love the floristry, the rainbow bunting, the cocktail caravan and especially the blue suede shoes!

Most importantly it all looks like such a fun day, and that’s what really matters!

Simon & Jon…


Tell us how you met and got engaged…

We met online – we were early adopters(!). 

One of us (not saying who) had kind of suggested it but not taken seriously a few years ago!   Then we went to see friends in Sydney in December 2013, landed on Christmas Day – found them all a bit drunk, and one said ‘so are you going to get married’, and we kind of looked at each other and said, ‘well….I suppose we could…’..

What was your favourite part of the day…

The sun blazed all afternoon – the afternoon of games playing, people drinking cocktails out of jam jars in deck chairs, it was just very relaxed.


How was your day unique…

We knew we wanted to hold the reception at Westcott House, a friend of mine owns it as a holiday let so we had mates rates on that, and it’s a beautiful house and setting.  So we were left with the Devon County Council website of licensed properties and Bishop’s Court, unbelievably, was on it.  When we visited it, our jaw dropped.

We had Team Usher – we had 3 picks each + 2 joint picks!  They were all people who knew us at different times of our lives – from school friends, brothers, university and right now – all our favourite people!

100 cup cakes – 50 of them with little birds on them (Simon’s surname) and 50 with little phone booths on them (Jon’s surname).  A friend of mine made them when she was about 39 weeks pregnant – she still made it to the day, 3 days overdue.  People like small cakes….

colourful-tipi-wedding_0001 colourful-tipi-wedding_0011

How did you save money…

Our outfits were from High street places(!) – nothing very fancy, Ted Baker, Austin Reed and House of Fraser probably wrapped it up between them!

We were paying, so we didn’t go crazy!

Congratulations to the happy couple! If you want to find out more about World Inspired Tents beautiful tipis, check out their site here or head over to their directory listing here.

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The Team…

Ceremony venue:  
Bishop’s Court, Exeter

Reception Venue: Westcott House, Exeter

Tipis: World Inspired Tents

Photographer: Sarah Lauren Photography

Caterers: Devon Catering

Cocktails: The Cocktail Caravan

Flowers: Trugs

Band: iPop

Drinks: Majestic Wine

Mini golf, deck chairs: The Prop Factory

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