Super Cool Valentines Gifts for Her & Him…

Valentine’s Day… Im a sucker for it.

Now I understand its not for everyone and that you shouldnt feel like you have to buy someone a gift, but I LOVE giving someone a present especially if it makes that person feel special and appreciated. Lets be honest here… Im not the easiest person to live with! I’m a mum of two crazy kids, I run my own business, Im sometimes sleep deprived, I juggle daily life (just about!) and I’m sometimes I’m a bit loopy (but aint we all! ;)  If Valentine’s Day is an excuse for us to give each other a little gift to say ‘thanks for putting up with me’ and put everything on hold to spend some ‘us’ time together, then so be it!

So you’ve decide to get something for your better half but you have no idea what to get? Well today I share with you some cool gifts ideas from luxurious interior design and stylish gifts website Amara.

From designers such as Jonathan Adler and Tom Dixon to luxurious home accessories perfect for adding a grand touch to your home décor, Amara have something to suit every couple’s sense of style!

See below my personal pick for Valentine’s Day… Don’t let me forget to send this on to my hubby!!


1. 3 Road Candle Holder- Gold/ Pink by Pols Potten  – From £45

2. Glass Water Bottle with Heart by bkr – £28

3. Plum Shot Gift Set – Copper by Tom Dixon –  From £65

4. Shoreditch Pink Leather Strap Watch by Henry London – £115

5. Diana F+ Camera – Mr Pink by Lomography – £89

6. Extinct Dodo Letter E Tile by Rory Dobner – £38

7. Pretty & Witty Scented Candle by Kate Spade – £42

8. ‘Put in A Good Word’ Notebook by Kate Spade – £14

9. Tortoiseshell Bee & Flower Necklace by Orla Kiely – £150

10. Love Who You Want – ‘IndiLion’ Plate by Christian Lacroix – £29.80


1. Beard Grooming Kit by Men’s Society – £25

2. Tank Whisky Glass- Set of 2 by Tom Dixon – £45

3. Limited Gold Edition – My Spaceship by Seletti – £85

4. Alloy Cube Pen by Tom Dixon – £45

5. ‘I love Biscuits & Beats’ Side Plate by Jimbobart – £25

6. Scented Candle Gift Set by Tom Dixon – £80

Whatever you end up doing for Valentine’s Day, I hope you’re surrounded with loved ones!


To find out more about Amara what they offer, you can check out their website HERE

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