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Today the lovely Alice from wedding styling company Fleur De Lace treats us to a guest post all about being brave and adding colour to your big day.  Some people like to play safe on their wedding day, but we are all about colour here at Mr & Mrs Unique… Over to Alice…


Here at Fleur de Lace we are always looking for rising trends that flourish through from the catwalk, to our daily lives and into our wedding décor.  If it’s a simple colour pop you want or maybe you want to bedazzle your guests with the Brightness of Summer, this could be right up your street.

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Photo 2: credits can be seen below

We delved into an old postcard collection (hoarding has once again proven fruitful.)  Here, we found the inspiration and with some paints and brushes and a few other bits we started to create the look.

art infusion with fleur de lace_0003

As we all know jam jars are a great and popular choice for displaying flowers and are very fitting with vintage and rustic wedding styles.  But who’s to say they can’t be jazzed up to fit in with this Colour Pop look.

art infusion with fleur de lace_0004

You can pick canvas fabric up quite cheaply at most fabric stalls in markets or online.  It may fray a little so you could trim with Pinking shears, if not sharp scissors.  Once the fabric is painted there will be very little fraying as the paint acts like glue to loose threads. When painting don’t be too precious, use your inspiration as a guide, you may find a glass of wine helps with creativity!

Once fabric is cut and painted, neaten edges and then attach it around the jar with double-sided tape.  They’ll be ready to adorn with your favourite blooms.

Bearing in mind you don’t want to be too intense with your décor, you could simply accessorize your wedding with a splash of colour here and there.

art infusion with fleur de lace_0005

To create the Jackson Pollock splat look, if you have space then stand above and splat away (it helps a lot to water down your paint)  for smaller items, get a straw and blow the paint off the paintbrush, this is less messy and more accurate in where your ‘splats’ are going.

art infusion with fleur de lace_0006 art infusion with fleur de lace_0007

Have fun!

Other dressing is by Fleur de Lace.  Please email for any styling questions, advice or visit our Art Infused board ( ) on pinterest for more inspiration.


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