Curious Fair DIY Project… Silver leaf bowl

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0001 DIY Silver Leaf Bowl…

Today the creative duo at Curious Fair have provided us with a really simple but effective DIY project, a silver leaf bowl.

What I love about this is that you can use any sized balloons to create different shapes and also change the spray paint to a colour that suits your wedding colours. You could fill them with fruit, sweets, favours and really adds an autumnal feel to your day.

Here Natalie & Guy gives us step by step instructions on how to make this…

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0003

You will need…

* A bag full of malleable leaves

* Silver spray paint


* Water

* A Balloon

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0002

Step 1…

Enjoy an autumnal walk collecting interesting shaped leaves as you go! Make sure they are malleable and not too stiff otherwise they won’t stay in place. Mix PVA glue with a little water to make a ‘papier mache’ style paste.

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0004

Step 2…

Blow up your balloon to the size you’d like your bowl. The balloon will act as a mould and your bowl will eventually be the same size as the bottom half of the balloon.

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0005

Step 3…

Dip your first leaf into the PVA & water mixture ensuring that it is fully coated. Place onto the bottom of the balloon in the direction you want your leaves to go. Layer the next leaf on top making sure that the leaves are always touching each other.

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0006

Step 4…

Repeat this layering technique until you have created your desired bowl shape. Make sure that you have layered quite a few leaves onto the ‘base’ of the bowl to strengthen it. Leave for approx 6-8 hours to ensure your bowl is fully dry.

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0007

Step 5…

Once dry, use a pin to burst the balloon and carefully pull it away from the ‘leaf bowl’. Spray the leaf bowl with silver spray paint (or colour of your choice).

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0008

Step 6…

Use your bowl to create an contemporary autumnal display! We’ve used rich coloured fruits, tarnished tea lights, vintage silverware & pink heather to finish the look.

Curious Fair Silver Leaf Bowl DIY project_0009

What a fab, easy idea for all you brides getting married over the next couple of months! Thanks for sharing this with us Curious Fair– to find out more about their wedding styling services please click here

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  1. that’s so simple but so clever at the same time, hat off to you

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