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Topping your cake with Lego! 

Today I want you to meet Heart of Bricks, a really fun new supplier who has just joined our directory.

Heart of Bricks is an Etsy shop selling fully customised wedding cake toppers, birthday cake toppers, displays, gifts and favors made from 100% genuine Lego parts and each product sold is unique and personal to the customer.

We speak to Julie the lady behind the designs….


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Tell us a bit about your business…

It is an Etsy shop that opened in April 2015 selling Customised Lego Wedding Cake Toppers, Birthday Cake Toppers, Displays, Gifts and Favors

What made you start up the business…

My partner and I are great fans of Lego and this seemed a good excuse to get to play with Lego as adults. My 3 sons were all Lego fans and now my 6 year old Grandson has ambitions to be a Master Builder. We wanted to give couples something Customised and Unique to have on their Wedding Cake for their big day

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What makes you Unique…

Our products are fully Customisable and made with 100% genuine Lego Parts

Customers are able to choose their design/colour scheme/theme and can include pets/hobbies/interests/professions etc.

The real fun is picking and choosing the right heads/hair/outfits for their ‘Avatars’ – Customers are able to see photos of options and the finished product prior to purchase  

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What kind of couples match your style of service…

Any couple looking for something geeky, quirky or just cute and different – if they are fans of Lego all the better but it’s not compulsory! 

Tells us what you love about your business…

I love being just a small part of a couple’s most important day of their lives – it’s just as much fun for me putting the toppers together as it is for the customer choosing options and seeing the finished product

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Most favourite event/ wedding…

Themed Weddings whether it be Star Wars, Harry Potter, Elvis, Beatles etc. 

People’s reaction to your business…

Customers really love the uniqueness and individuality of our shop and our products – they really enjoy being able to be part of the process in developing their own individual cake topper or gift

Future plans…

To expand and develop more themes and to hopefully open my own retail website 

Welcome to the Mr & Mrs Unique Team! If you want to find out more about Heart of Bricks you can visit their website here or check out her directory listing here

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2 thoughts on “Meet The Supplier… Heart Of Bricks”

  1. Jaimmy Ellen Lee says:

    Hello :) Ive super excited to say me and my fiancee are having a same sex wedding and I LOVE! The look of Lego characters with a pride heart behind as my cake topper :D I was wondering if I could have a list of prices and designs so I can browse and hopefully pick and something.

  2. Hey, lovely to her from you! You can contact the seller on their Etsy account here :) Hope she can help and brings some lego magic to your day <3 X

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