• We have had weekly club residencies for over 15 years.
  • Music mixed seamlessly – we don’t chat over the music – we’re real DJs.
  • We play the music that you love because we know you have good taste.
  • Smart, friendly and we rock the party.
  • Our equipment is industry standard that looks great and sounds amazing.

About Us…

WEDDINGS… they all deserve a totally amazing soundtrack and it should be mixed by loving hands. Your wedding needs a feet stompin’, floor smashin’, deck spinnin’ DJ.
Choose Deckheds for rockin’ weddings and right royal rave ups… your search for a cool, talented and highly professional floor-filling DJ is over!

Deckheds was created to give people an alternative to the tired, played out wedding DJs that many of us dread. We have over 15 years experience of smashing clubs and festivals and it’s this experience that we want to bring to your wedding. Imagine being in your favourite club where the DJ plays the music you love and it’s mixed seamlessly by someone who is as passionate and enthusiastic about your music as much as you are. We don’t chat over the music, we don’t play games, we’re real DJs.

We work closely with couples to create the perfect playlists that will keep you and your guests up dancing all night. We can play all day and all night, perfect for blissed out cocktail hours, wedding breakfasts or just straight up parties and of course we can supply all the equipment including a microphone for speeches.

Our service is totally personal. No automated emails or quotes. We answer every email with as much passion as the previous. We get fired up about the music you love and we want to know what makes you lose it on the dance floor because your evening should be remembered for the right reasons. We want you waking up with sore feet – so get those dancing shoes on.

What Makes Us Unique…

We setup Deckheds because two of our friends in the wedding industry told us how couples were always saying how hard it is to find a non cheesy DJ that could rock a party but without resorting to that typical wedding mixtape that seems to have been stuck on a loop since the 80’s.

Unlike most wedding DJs we don’t just DJ at weddings, we DJ at clubs, bars and big festivals. We play genre hopping sets that appeal to young and old alike. We are fun, professional, not too cool for school, we are not cheesy and have a lot of experience playing to varied crowds – it’s all about the dance floor.