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Today we have the absolute pleasure of sharing a new, fun and gorgeous collection, Desire Kissed, from one of our super talented suppliers, Lorie X.

Made from luxurious silks, laces and brocades, these one-off pieces are perfect for Brides looking for something for something unique and fun, yet still elegant and feminine. I’m a BIG fan!

Lorie X…


The brand new Desire Kissed collection from Lorie x is ready to launch! Inspired by the notion of following your heart wherever it may take you and being rewarded for doing so, prints feature lotus flowers & waterlilies, sunsets, Thai fishing boats, coconut candles and even elephants.

Printed flowing silk organza, chiffon and twill skirts are teamed with structured jacquard, dupion and duchess satin bodices with lace details in warm golden tones to create delicate, romantic pieces with a taste of rich colour and adventure. Six looks with new shapes of gowns, separates and a veil make up the range.

lorie-x-desire-kissed_0002 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0004

The prints are all made from photographs or drawings designer Laura took or developed during a trip to Thailand last year in which she fell in love with the beauty of the place and the ideas of living in the moment and having a little faith it will take you in the right direction; where you will be blessed with your destiny. As life is an adventure, so too is love.

Lotus flowers make their way through murky waters breaking the surface each morning beautiful and perfectly clean – just as relationships strengthen and become stronger as time goes by and obstacles are overcome leaving something pure and true.

lorie-x-desire-kissed_0010 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0005 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0011

The sunsets over the sea and candles represent light coming into your life and evoke a feeling of hope and awakening; the fluidity of life and being willing to embark on the adventure. It doesn’t matter where you go but when you feel something for even a moment it lasts forever – nothing can wash it away or fade it.


Moving on from the first collection, Desire Kissed is brighter and a little more fun with playful use of colour and flirtatious open backs, yet still keeping the Lorie x signature feminine and ethereal vibe. For brides who are not afraid to follow their hearts, knowing that they will eventually end up in paradise.

For more information on the Desire Kissed collection, email or head over to the Lorie X website here.

lorie-x-desire-kissed_0023 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0022 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0021 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0025 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0019 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0018 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0015 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0014 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0013 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0012 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0009 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0008 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0007 lorie-x-desire-kissed_0001

The Team…

Photography: Kate Nielen Photography

Flowers:  Ladybird Flowers

Hair & Make-up: Portraits Bridal

Model: Chloe Papworth

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  1. This collection is so beautiful!

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