• Many years of professional experience from huge festivals, to club nights, and of course, weddings.
  • Friendly, reliable service, we enjoy working with you so you get exactly the music you want.
  • We are ‘proper’ DJs enjoy a seamless mix of the songs you love.
  • Industry standard equipment which looks and sounds great!
  • We won’t ruin your wedding photos! A neat, tidy set-up, and we always wear a suit!

About Us…

If you’re after a naff, cheesy wedding DJ, then stop reading right now! Disco Wed DJs all learned their skills working in the music business. We have played all over the world and have vast experience of packing out dance-floors at all types of events, from huge festivals to club nights, parties and of course, wedding receptions.

Instead of a random selection of tunes played in an even more random order and constantly interrupted with corny microphone banter, we work with you on a playlist, then expertly craft a mix of songs that everyone knows and loves – flowing seamlessly from genre to genre and keeping the dance-floor busy by never missing a beat from first dance to last.

What Makes Us Unique…

Well for starters, we never set out or intended to be wedding DJs at all! What brings us all together is the Disco Shed, which to the uninitiated is a normal garden shed cum DJ booth mounted on a trailer which takes the best elements of modern clubbing but disguises it amongst all the stuff you’d find in your Dad’s old outhouse.

Visit the Disco Shed website.

The Disco Shed has been a huge hit with festival–goers wherever it’s been, which includes events such as Reading, Latitude, the Big Chill, Cornbury, Thames Festival and many more. We get so many requests to play at private parties and weddings from people who have seen us at festivals or our club nights, that we had to quit our jobs to manage it all, and so Disco Wed was born!

Not everyone is able to accommodate the actual Disco Shed at their wedding, but plenty of people would still like to enjoy the unique party vibe we help create. We have a range of options to support this, from the full Disco Shed, to our indoor Disco Shed, down to a more traditional DJ set up.

Discover the right option for you…

Whichever option you choose, our service is tailored completely for you – we have lots of creative ideas for how to make your reception memorable and fun. We offer a friendly, relaxed and professional service, and we enjoy working with you to ensure you end your big day with the perfect party!