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Curious Fair…

Here is our first DIY post from Natalie & Guy the creative duo behind Curious Fair, a wedding and event styling team. Ive been lucky to work with them both on a number of exciting projects and I always love what they create… Nothing boring about these two plus they are super duper lovely!

With that in mind we recently asked them if they would be a resident craft and DIY experts… so watch out for their posts and feel free to drop me an email or comment below if you have any questions for them or any projects you would like them to tackle!

Here is Natalie and Guy with instructions on how to make your very own dream catcher… perfect for you boho brides out there!

Natalie & Guy…

If you’ve seen any of our creations before you’ll know that we LOVE wild feathers and natural materials and we think this is a perfect DIY to combine the two!

You will need…

* Twine, string, faux leather cord & lace off cuts

* Feathers

* Twigs & Natural Materials

* Beads or An Old Necklace

* A Large Piece Of Lace

* A Metal Ring

* Scissors

* Paint Brush

* Acrylic Paint

* Needle & Thread

* Glue Gun (optional)

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Step 1…

Wrap your lace off cuts around the metal ring until all of the metal is covered. Our metal ring is 30cm in diameter but you can buy these in various sizes online! Glue gun or tie the lace in place.

Boho Dream Catcher_0004

Step 2…

Place the metal ring onto your large piece of lace (we found our piece of lace in a charity shop). Sew at 1cm intervals around the ring to secure the lace in place.

Boho Dream Catcher_0005

Step 3…

Once you’ve finished sewing, trim away the excess lace outside of the metal ring.

Boho Dream Catcher_0006

Step 4…

Place your collection of ‘natural materials’ around the dream catcher until you’re happy with their positions. We’ve used a mixture of twigs, pinecones & seaweed that we’ve found on our travels! Always keep an eye out for future projects when out for a wonder :)

Boho Dream Catcher_0007

Step 5…

Cut random lengths of twine, string & lace to hang from your dream catcher. Tie the mixture of lengths to your dream catcher at various points until you’re happy with the overall effect. We’ve tied our pieces to the twigs as well as the metal frame.

Boho Dream Catcher_0008

Step 6…

Tie a mixture of feathers & beads to the ends of your string, twine & lace. We used beads from an old broken necklace but you can also but new beads online.

Boho Dream Catcher_0009

Step 7…

For a splash of colour paint a few twigs to match the colours of the beads and feathers you’re using. We’ve painted ours with an Aztec pattern for a boho festival vibe but of course this is totally up to you.

Boho Dream Catcher_0010

Step 8…

To finish, tie or sew the painted twigs onto your dream catcher. Add a pieces of twine or faux leather cord to the top of the metal ring to hang your dream catcher from!

Boho Dream Catcher_0011

Step 9…

Hang your dream catcher in a tree & dance in the sunshine! Perfect for outdoor celebrations & boho weddings!

Boho Dream Catcher_0012 Thanks for the DIY post Natalie & Guy- We love it! If you would like to see more of what they do and to get contact details you can reach them here

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