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Today we have a chat with talented Cake Baker Emma, from Emma Page Buttercream Cakes.  This lady knows how to create a show stopping cakes, all beautifully decorated with intricate details and down-right amazing flowers. No fondant here, folks! – Emma uses her own special recipe buttercream and ganache for all her creations. Yummy!

Emma from Emma Page Buttercream Cakes…


Tell us a bit about your business…

I design and make buttercream and ganache wedding and celebration cakes.

What made you start up the business…

I had been working as a business journalist for 20 years and making cakes for friends and family as a hobby when I discovered buttercream. At a big cake show a few years ago I met the amazing Valerie and Christina from Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes. They were creating the most beautiful floral cupcakes with piped buttercream and I was captivated. I signed up for all their courses there and then, bought the nozzles and set about covering my entire house in a fine layer of icing sugar…….I posted a few early, and pretty awful, creations on Facebook and started getting orders. Delivering my first wedding cake was pretty stressful: my cakes are tall and have to delivered entire, so I’m pretty stressy at roundabouts. There are over 50 potholes between my home in Kent and Westminster Bridge. Who else would know that?


What makes you unique…

I think the buttercream does. There are so few of us using buttercream, but it’s becoming so popular that other, conventional fondant cake makers are entering the market. They’ve obviously got technical skills and experience, but I hope that I’ve developed an idiosyncratic style that isn’t that easy to replicate. It’s about creating a design that looks spirited and dynamic; chaotic even, but with an immaculate finish and attention to detail. Buttercream can look slopped on if it’s not stable or too warm. It loses its definition and close texture. It it’s too cold or dry, you get frayed edges and a powdery finish. You have to nurture it!!


What kind of couples match your style…

Any!! I’ve made sprinkle wedding cakes for trendy Hackney couples and an elegant piped ganache for an 80-year-old peer who married at the House of Lords. Probably the cake that suits absolutely every couple and venue is a rustic buttercream tiered cake, simply dressed with fresh flowers. Natural vanilla frosting is simply applied with a palette knife to give a rough finish and then dressed with flowers to match the bride’s bouquet and table decorations. So simple and elegant; it can look as effective in an art gallery as it does on a haystack. Cheap as well.

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Tell us what you love about your business…

I love being physically busy, rather than tied to a desk. I love meeting couples at wedding fairs, getting to know other suppliers – so many are second careerists like me – sketching designs, all of it really. Except the washing up, which is horrific.

I love the moment when a cake has been sorted (sliced and filled) and stacked. The outside has been prepped and is smooth and the top’s level. The bags are filled with all the colours I’ll need, the table’s clean, and I can start piping. This pretty much never happens. I’m a caterer as well, and a mum. Chances are there are 200 sausage rolls in the oven, a dog needing to go to the vets, at least one child stranded miles away with no bus pass and a feature to file in an hour.


Most favourite wedding/event…

My cousin’s wedding was pretty cool. It was in the Turner Contemporary in Margate. He’d completely stressed me out with a ‘surprise me, I’m sure it will be fab’ attitude, but was over the moon with it when I turned up. It was a seaside basket design, full of chocolate seashells and nets etc. Plus it was at the end of the motorway, so no roundabouts.

People’s reaction to your business…

Always lovely. I’ve had the nicest feedback. Cards, flowers, all sorts. I always worry when I’ve delivered a cake and not seen the client. What if it doesn’t meet their expectations? What if the colours clash with their flowers? What if a fox climbs in the window when no one ‘s looking and takes a huge bite out of it? Or if there’s an earth tremor that is undetectable to humans but could shake a four-tier buttercream cake onto the floor? It’s all possible.

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Future plans…

A book? I’d love to write a book about buttercream cakes, and ganache. People are scared of ganache but it’s quite well behaved really. It’s a dream to pipe if it’s the right temperature. Friends say I should keep my techniques secret but you can learn to do anything on YouTube. It’s not gene therapy.

I’d love to have a shop, with a beautiful window and a workshop. I’m massively naive about this: imagining myself behind the counter wearing a pretty apron and handing out delicious morsels of new cake flavours for customers to enjoy with fresh coffee while we all listen to the Archers. In reality it would be all about waste collection, shoplifters and rent reviews. I hate the Archers anyway.

All that cake talk has made me hungry…Welcome to the team, Emma!


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