Emma & Rich’s All Star Lanes Bowling Wedding!

Walking down the bowling lane…

Today I bring you a new feature to Mr & Mrs Unique. We list many  amazing, alternative photographers on our directory and I was keen to find out what were some of their favourite weddings. You see, photographers get to see everything at a wedding, they note the details, they see some of the spectacular venues, the intimate moments between the bride and groom. So over the next few months I will be sharing some of our photographers most favourite weddings, and I’m really excited to see what turns up!

Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0002

First up is the lovely Cassandra from Cassandra Lane Photography who sent me this awesome Manchester wedding of Emma & Rich, who got married at the All Star Lanes Bowling Alley- couldnt get much quirkier for a venue!!

Cassandra is passionate about contemporary wedding photography that’s fun and informal, telling the story of couples day as all the joy unfolds. Her work is influenced by her fine-art background and her photography style is contemporary, stylish and just a little bit quirky.

Here she tells us why she loves this wedding so much…


Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0005

I loved shooting Emma & Rich’s wedding because their choice of venue was so unusual. I’ve never shot a wedding in a bowling alley before! Holding their wedding at All Star Lanes in Manchester was a great choice for Emma & Rich as they wanted their wedding to be informal and fun. And what could be more relaxed than walking down the bowling lane to say ‘I do’?!

Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0048

Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0006

The quirky venue choice and being in the heart of Manchester provided a wealth of photo opportunities for me and my favourite shot of the day is of Emma & Rich having a smooch in the photo booth at the end of the evening.

I love it- Thanks for sharing Cassandra! Its always lovely to see couples do what they want for their big day; steering away from tradition to do something more fun and quirky! Enjoy the rest of the photos from their day…

To find out more about Cassandra Lane Photography you can check out her website here...

Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0003 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0004 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0005 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0007 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0008 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0009 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0011 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0010 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0012 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0013 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0014 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0015 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0016 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0017 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0018 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0019 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0020 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0021 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0022 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0023 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0024 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0025 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0026 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0027 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0028 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0029 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0030 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0031 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0032 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0033 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0034 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0036 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0035 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0037 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0039 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0040 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0041 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0042 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0046 Emma & Rich -Cassandra Lane_0047



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  1. Thanks Mr & Mrs Unique for letting me share this wedding with you! x

  2. Lovely photo-relation , thx for sharing !

  3. I love this idea. So cool and original!

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