Exciting News… Snap Photography Festival!

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0001

Snap Photography Festival…

Date: 13th – 17th April 2015

Venue: fforest (one of our listed venues!)

Organiser: Babb Photo

For all you photographers out there…

When I think about Mr & Mrs Unique, for me its always about the suppliers on board and how bloody brilliant they all are. I love working with them, I love seeing what they achieve, I love the projects they work on…

So today I bring you some exciting news for all your photography lovers… the rather marvellous Laura from Babb Photo is putting together the UK’s first ever photography festival ‘SNAP‘ aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers, held at fforest in Wales!!

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0005Photo by India Hobson

With an epic line up of super talented photographers and the backdrop of the stunning venue that is fforest (yes, Ive had the pleasure of staying there, and yes it rocks!!!) it promises to be an amazing weekend of photography, knowledge, friendship and campfires! So make sure you book a place, and do it soon before they all sell out!

Mr & Mrs Unique hopes to support Laura and the SNAP festival build up- Can’t wait to see how the first festival turns out… Im pretty sure it will be spectacular!

Here is a bit more about the event, why Laura started it and who will be speaking at the festival…

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0008Photo by Emma Case & Pete Smyth

A world class line up…

A world class line up is announced as part of SNAP, the UK’s first ever photography festival aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers.

The launch of www.snapphotofestival.com today showcases the first ever festival of this kind in the UK.  Held at the beautiful Fforest resort, in West Wales. The festival will run to the same format as a music festival, but is designed as an immersive learning and creative development experience for more than 100 photographers from all over the world.

Some of the world’s most inspiring wedding photographers will be teaching alongside the UK’s finest home grown talent, as well as photographers outside of the wedding genre.

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0002Photo by Marianne Taylor

“I attended Photo Field Trip in the US earlier this year and found it hugely inspiring” says Laura Babb, Snap Photography Festival’s founder.  “It was as far away from a corporate conference as you can get, with all of the teachers hanging out with the attendees, camp fires, parties and a completely unique, shared experience.  I knew I had to bring something similar to the UK.  As well as all of the amazing workshops and activities we’re planning, we’ll be having an epic closing party where campers can let off some steam before the start of the new wedding season”.

To celebrate the launch of the website Snap Photography Festival has a number of offers and incentives available.

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0016 Photo by Dylan and Sara

Early Bird…

The first is an early bird discount combined with a donation to charity on behalf of the ticket purchaser:  http://www.snapphotofestival.com/blog/2014/10/19/the-early-bird-catches-the-worm

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0024 Photo by Sam Hurd


They also have 6 opportunities to attend the festival on a free or discounted basis:  http://www.snapphotofestival.com/blog/2014/10/15/snap-needs-you

We are keen to hear from organisations who may wish to partner with us.  A range of sponsorship opportunities are available so please get in touch for a media pack.

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0013

Photo by Conor MacNeill


Andria Lindquist, Alan Law, Andy Gaines, Cathy Haynes, Conor MacNeill, Dylan and Sara, Emma Case and Pete Smyth, India Hobson, Karl Grupe, Lomo Kev, Marianne Taylor, Paula O’Hara and Sam Hurd

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0023

Photo by Paula Ohara


WEB: www.snapphotofestival.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/snapphotofestival

TWITTER/INSTAGRAM #snapphotofest


Laura Babb
- Director



Alexandra Merri– 
Logistics Manager


http://www.rossharvey.com Photo by Ross Harvey

Good Luck Laura.. Wishing SNAP every success! X

2 thoughts on “Exciting News… Snap Photography Festival!”

  1. Laura Babb says:

    Thanks so much for sharing details of SNAP, Erica. I really appreciate your support.

  2. Pleasure! Always great to see new and editing projects unfold :) X

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