• An 8 acre plot 10 minutes from Bath to style with your own theme
  • Camping for you and your guests
  • Stunning Bar and Grill Options, but welcome to use other catering supplier
  • Total flexiblity and attention to detail
  • Magical Site

About Us…

Bath’s No1 venue for festival weddings #festivalwedding The Field Good Bar and Outdoor Venue for wedding and celebrations. A modern twist on a show bar, a contemporary feel but with some wow factors, these include a glitter and mirror ceiling and hundreds of LED lights so you can customize the look and feel of any event! From full cocktail bar to a more traditional feel we will tailor to any event. We pride ourselves on our complete bespoke bar.

Exceptional & accommodating suppliers your wish is our command.. no need to rub though..

The bar has been created to be a fun glamourous venue, which beautifully compliments the nature all around it.

Field Good is mobile too so if you want that extra panache for your day then our bar with all its inter changeable attributes may be for you.

The idea is to bring a unique feel to your day with heaps of personal touches.

Captivating who ‘YOU’ are and what you want to happen on your day.

This is a site where guests are encourage to stay. We have glamping facilities as well as well as the option to bring you own camping choice. There is a 6ft fire pit water and 8 acres for you to be as creative as you want; this is a highly economic and fun way to house all your guest. However with bath 10 mins down the road, if booked in good time there is accommodation a plenty in the city.

This statement bar will be a showpiece to any wedding, party, festival bringing style and fun to any field!

What Makes Us Unique…

What makes us unique is our determination to create a different feel for each of our clients, bringing out their signature style at any given opportunity.