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Introduce yourself…

Hi I’m Lex from Fleming Photo and I’ve never seen Lion King! Oh…and I’m a wedding photographer of an age that I definitely should have seen Lion King! Living in South London, I specialise in non-traditional, relaxed weddings mostly in London. 

What are a few of your favourite things? 

I love Wes Anderson films, Bill Murray quotes and hanging out with my miserable looking dog called Wednesday. Once you see her you’ll realise why she’s called Wednesday!

Tell us about where the magic happens – where’s your HQ?

So I’m born and bred in South London and then I recently made the move to the beautiful little fishing town called Leigh on Sea in Essex. But I still have a base in South London and split my time between the two

How and why did you start up your business?

So I’ve been a photographer since the age of 16! I worked mostly as a music photographer until around 10 years ago when I then got into fashion and portraiture. I kept being asked if I’d shoot friends’ weddings and finally in 2014 I did and never looked back! Once I realised that not all weddings have chair covers, the world of alternative weddings opened up to me and I adore my job now

What do you love most about your job?

Working with couples from the beginning of the booking all the way to delivery of their photographs. I try to only shoot a certain number of weddings a year so I can really dedicate the time to answer any questions, help them with their ideas and recommend other suppliers to them that I think will match their wedding

What makes your work unique?

I love watching relationships unfold and capturing what makes them tick. I also try not to take it all too seriously. Weddings are a celebrating and a big day of fun…why do we need to spend a whole hour photographing your outfits and rings?! Lets have fun and see what we come up with together!

What kind of couples are ‘your couples’? 

Couples that don’t like chair covers! haha! But seriously…couples that aren’t taking the whole wedding thing too seriously. Would rather me photograph them busting shapes on the dance floor with their beloved than spending ages photographing family members against bushes forcing smiles.

What would be your advice for couples looking to plan a wedding totally unique to them?

While Pinterest and friends and families advice is golden, do it your way! This is a marriage, not just a wedding. Make your wedding day represent how you want to spend the rest of your life; having fun with your loved ones. 

The best piece of advice I ever heard from a couple was to question everything relating to your wedding with “is it fun? Is it food?” If it was neither, they weren’t having it!

What inspires you? 

Films. I draw a huge huge influence from movies of all kinds. I love subtly recreating famous film imagery. Mostly from Wes Anderson but also Tarantino.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

Proudest moment was probably last week actually. I got to a venue early to chat to the manager and a pregnant lady came in. She’d driven down from Birmingham and desperately need to use the bathroom. She came out and then went “oh…are you Lex Fleming? I follow you on instagram, I love your work” She had nothing to do with the wedding…just needed a wee. It was only then that I acknowledged how hard I had worked for people to see my work!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt?

Don’t take life all that serious. My mum won’t mind me saying this but she has stage 4 cancer and in the 3 years cancer has been in our lives, we’ve just tried to find the funny side of life. Don’t regret anything and keep going. We’re here for a good time, not a long time!

In your opinion, what makes a great wedding? 

Rings, alcohol and music!

What exciting bits are in the pipeline?

So when I’m not running my photography business, I actually own a wedding industry networking community called Wedding Breakfast Club. This year we’ve branched to 6 locations round the UK and with over a thousand members in London, I have so many incredible industry friends to work and play with!


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