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Chunky DIY Letters & Numbers…

Today we bring you a super cool and easy DIY project! I absolutely LOVE these bubble letters and numbers created by our very own Mr & Mrs Unique supplier Alice from Fleur De Lace. Whether you use them as table numbers, on signage or displayed on a feature wall, they really add a vibrant, colourful and fun element to your big day.

You can catch this DIY and lots of other wedding inspiration in our new Online Magazine which is totally free to read! You can see it here:

Here Alice gives us the low down on how to make them…


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Make your own Chunky Letters & Numbers…

Wedding signage is a fabulous way of [stating the obvious] letting your guests know exactly what is going on. Directional ‘This Way’ kind of signs and functional ‘Sit here’ type signs both guide the guests and help your day run smoothly.

Fleur De Lace DIY_0002

I wanted to share a fun way of creating lettering that can be used for your wedding, be it wall art, signs or as the ‘how to’ shows table numbers.

Bits you need…

Card, wadding, tissue paper, ribbon, tape, glue and scissors.

Fleur De Lace DIY_0004 Fleur De Lace DIY_0006

How to do it…

Cut out your shape, I’ve opted for a number 2 (because although I’m 31 when I say it I smile ever so slightly.) This really doesn’t need to be neat as it’s going to be covered up. For bigger letters foam board works well and for smaller letters you could shape a stiff wire.

Fleur De Lace DIY_0008

Cut strips of wadding and wrap it around the lettering, taping ends down where you need to. (You can get wadding from fabric stalls/shops, online and upholsterers.)

Fleur De Lace DIY_0011

Cut strips of tissue paper and do the same. Covering all of the wadding. In the tricky bits, use lots of tape (on the back) and fold to create the corners. It really doesn’t matter how messy the back looks.

Fleur De Lace DIY_0012 Fleur De Lace DIY_0013

Cut up the bits of ribbon you want to decorate with and again tape it on the back. You could use double sided tape to add pompoms, buttons, tassles etc to the front of your number/letter.

Fleur De Lace DIY_0014

Heat up the glue gun or PVA will work too, it just might need a little longer to dry. Glue to the service, stand you want. And Voila…

Fleur De Lace DIY_0015

Instead of tissue paper you could also use fabric.

For any signage enquiries, Fleur de Lace can help. Please message Alice at hello@fleurdelace.co.uk

Alice at Fleur de Lace is passionate about making weddings look the exact way you want them to, be it hiring a fab prop or decking out your dancefloor with lanterns. No dream is impossible…

All Photographs by Hayley Pettit. www.hayleypettitphotography.com Hayley has everything a Wedding Photographer needs, she oozes talent, has fantastic people skills and an amazing passion for weddings and capturing magical moments.

Special Thanks to Ickwell Bury Manor for hosting us.

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