• Genuine and authentic imagery
  • Serious enthusiasm and energy
  • I properly love all my couples
  • I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed
  • It’s not just about the big day - it’s the whole process; so you feel like we are mates by the time the big day rocks up.

About Me…

Hello, I’m Emma from Freckle Photography and I love to photograph people in love. My aim is to capture love and truth in whatever way it presents itself. I have a way of showing people at their most relaxed, beautiful and happy. I specialise in creative, unique, eco friendly and outdoor weddings. I love working with like-minded couples that have added personal and hand made touches to their wedding.

When I photograph weddings, the most important aspect is capturing the atmosphere and the emotions of the day. All the things that make your wedding day just yours and no ones else’s. When you look back at your images you will remember how it felt, not just how it looked.

Family Shoots…

I offer a limited number of family shoots a year and I LOVE them. Uber relaxed… life in all it’s messy wonderfulness.

What Makes Us Unique…

I genuinely attract like minded couples – the daydreamers, geeks and wanderers. The folk that walk to their own beat – and it’s because that’s how I am – I don’t try to be something I’m not.