Glamorous Grunge Bridal Inspiration – The Ivory Edit by Bowen Dryden

Glamorous grunge bridal inspiration – Bowen Dryden’s Ivory Edit Collection…

At Mr & Mrs Unique we adore Bowen Dryden and the lovely Sharon, the designer behind the bridalwear brand. So when this awesome grunge-inspired shoot with an edgy punk styling twist hit my inbox, I knew I wanted to share it with you today.

As usual, a cracking team was put together to showcase key pieces from her Ivory Edit Collection.

Over to the team to tell us more…

The Team…

Bowen Dryden’s Ivory Edit is a collection of incredibly versatile pieces that can be worn in a multitude of ways. In classic Bowen Dryden style, we wanted to follow a less traditional look for this shoot. Dialing down the femininity seen in a lot of bridal wear shoots and took inspiration from punk styling and high fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent. 

We toughened up the beautiful shapes and fabrics of the Ivory Edit pieces with black leather, spiked jewellery, boots, and grungy makeup and hair, showing that bridal wear, even all ivory, does not have to be classic. The Bowen Dryden bride is someone with great style and a fashion understanding so we wanted to reflect that in this shoot. Every silhouette can be worn in a modern way.

Bowen Dryden famously renowned for creating flamboyant coloured bridal gowns, has paired it right back to produce a pure and splendidly simple collection of separates, aptly named The Ivory Edit. These uncoloured pieces are beautifully crafted in our atelier using the finest of fabrics with contrasting textures and patterns within this simple colour palette. Sheer organzas, sumptuous satins, dupion, taffeta, mikado and a hint of lace styled in a boy meets girl fashion story. 

Bowen Dryden being Bowen Dryden, could not keep just to the simple plain minimalist look; we gathered together a selection of garments and up styled them for a high fashion editorial edge.

Now here`s the drama bit, we super layered the items, such as popping the bralet or corset over a shirt, teeny bolero over corset , trousers under sheer skirts and so forth. We swapped and changed throughout the day to show you the versatility of these pieces.

We threw on wide, kick ass, black leather belts, oversized jewellery, hot red graffiti shoes by kookychoo and cool little boots. to mix it up and step away from the norm.

Ellen Stultiens was the perfect model for this, with her gamine looks and extreme wealth of patience, we soon had her rolling around in the fields, standing precariously on timber and straddling broken chairs. All in a days work!

Zoe from Knot your average bride just got it and created an androgynous look paired with hints of femininity for that classy but “I’ll eat you for breakfast” vibe.

It’s a look to be worn for the strong females in the world. Forget princesses, this is all about the QUEENS!

All beautifully captured by @sarahbrookesphotography who loved getting the opportunity to combine the softness of the poppy filled meadows with bold poses including jumps, large strides, and sitting cross-legged sitting on the ground! 


Sarah Brookes Photography;

Concept: Joanna Southwell from The Weddinghood Styling Consultation 

Bridal Designer;


Model; Ellen Sutien


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