The Glittery, Festival Wedding of Emma & Mathew…

Festival Vibes…

As soon as this fun-filled wedding from Emma at BestDayEver hit our inbox, it was instantly one of my favourite ever real weddings!!

Shot by one of our awesome suppliers, Freckle Photography, this wedding has it all – woodland ceremony, tonnes of glitter, space hoppers, awesome decor and a sequin cape to DIE for…certainly looks like the ‘best day ever’!

Name of the couple: Emma & Mathew

Venue: Beaconside House, Devon

Emma & Mathew…


Tell us how you met and got engaged…

Hard to do a short version but after travelling the world for a couple of years on my own,  I came home, was fed up and wanted to change my life so I bought an old army style truck and converted her into a pink palace on wheels! I was off to find myself a new life on the open road, my plan was to live in her (lovebug) and go festival to festival on my own for the summer and see where the wind takes me. Before I left though, I took her for a test drive and I broke down. A couple came over to ask if I wanted any help, they also asked me if I had ever been to Totnes before. I said no, never heard of it. He said, well you must go, I can see you living there. 2 years passed working at lots of festivals and partying and I suddenly decided right, I’m off to Totnes to see whats there for me.

So I packed up, said my goodbyes to all, and 3 days later I was walking down the high street in Totnes, and a super sexy guy tapped me on the shoulder and said “fancy a pint?”. I felt like I had known him 20 years.. moved in with him at his family home (which was pink, i’m obsessed with colour pink) and within 6 months we were expecting a baby, our beautiful daughter Tallulah Rose was born and Mathew proposed to me on a family holiday in Futuerventura In september 2014 , overlooking the harbour. That was that – we said lets do it next year and got on with the planning.

glittery-festival-wedding_0003 glittery-festival-wedding_0002

What were your main hopes for the day…

We just wanted it to be super laid back and fun, a great weekend with all our loved ones . For me though on a personal level, I wanted everyone to go “wow, I never been to a ceremony like that before” ,and to show people that you don’t have to get married in a church or by a registrar , you can create your own personal unique ceremony!!  A fun ceremony can be amazing and meaningful too!


What was your favourite part of the day…

Walking down the aisle will be etched on my mind forever, it felt magical in the woods and all my favourite people in the world were there.  The ceremony will always be the highlight of the whole weekend for us!! It was brilliant, I had asked my friend Gordon if he would conduct it for us. He was amazing, I wrote the whole ceremony , so he didn’t have to write what he was going to say etc , I tried to make it easy as poss for him. I loved it that it was a surprise what he would be wearing – 2 weeks before the ceremony I asked if he had got outfit yet and he replied saying he is in Texas on holiday! I immediately thought “oh no” but then he said “I just got my outfit” and he sent me a photo of a crazy looking fancy dress shop !  I always remember walking down the aisle laughing loads and when I got up close he had a big bling ring and just looked amazing in his Red Cardinal outfit !!

My other favourite thing, was taking my dress off and putting on a gold sequin mini dress!! I felt free! I bounced my way into the marquee feeling on top of the world and like I could party all night, which I did (bed at 5.30am). Loved dancing with my daughter and Mathew and loved having our photos taken in the woods.

glittery-festival-wedding_0006 glittery-festival-wedding_0008

How was your day unique…

I think our day was unique in the sense that it was all about us, very Emma with a dash of Mathew!  The pink and glitter is all very much me, and the space hoppers, limbo etc. has my name on them! Our ceremony was obviously unique and could never be replicated, we did a few rituals and we were glistened in glitter which I have never heard of anyone doing before.  Mathew and Gordon went down the aisle together to the Rocky Theme Tune and after G had done a welcome, we all sang Bruno Mars Marry You. My friend did a reading, we lit candles for family who have passed , then ring exchange, handfasting… We had canapes and afternoon tea, followed by space hopper race, limbo competition, bouncy castle and a barn dance band which was awesome and got everyone dancing!!  Also, no one has ever used the woods at the venue before for their wedding. A lot of people get married at Beaconside in the gardens by the Pagoda that is registered or inside the house, so it was nice knowing nothing like this has ever happened there before.


What was your budget…

We were thinking we could do it for £8,000 but spent nearer to £10,000 in the end.

What was your biggest expense…

The venue was our biggest expense. But I think Beaconside offer a great deal, It ticks all the boxes and for  a good price, I highly recommend using them. 

glittery-festival-wedding_0007 glittery-festival-wedding_0012

How did you save money…

We saved money by buying faux flowers, and flat bed sheets instead of hiring tablecloths. I love flowers but it was never a big important thing for me to have on my wedding day. I made my own bouquets for my bridal crew, and centre pieces, about 6 weeks before the wedding .  I wanted to make my own flower crown and be able to keep it to wear at festivals – Its currently hanging up on the wall next to my daughters flower crown in our bedroom :)  Also saved money by charging accommodation costs to our guests who were staying for 3 nights with us. It meant we recouped back some cash. If we hadn’t we wouldn’t of been able to have the wedding that we had and we knew that everyone is going to be needing somewhere to stay as most were travelling from London. 

What was it like working with your photographer…

Emma is amazing, we feel very lucky to have found such a talented photographer and one that is so lovely. We all felt like she was “one of us” just like having a mate take photos rather than a photographer. She is laid back like us and all our guests mentioned how nice she was, so unintrusive and friendly. We are over the moon with our shots – love her!!

glittery-festival-wedding_0009 glittery-festival-wedding_0013

Any advice to couples about to get married…

Hire a celebrant to write and conduct your ceremony!  I promise it will be the best bit about your wedding that people will remember forever. Also, try to pencil in 20- 30 mins into the morning before wedding to see your family…I wish I had more time the morning of the wedding, before I knew it , it was starting! Another tip is def have a wedding weekender and if possible try to stay on at venue after everyone has left. We stayed in one of the cottages until the Wednesday after. It was lovely to have that extra time at venue with family and chill out in hot tub with a bottle of bubbly with the new Hubby!

Congratulations guys, and thanks so much for sharing – we LOVE it!!

glittery-festival-wedding_0016 glittery-festival-wedding_0017 glittery-festival-wedding_0018 glittery-festival-wedding_0019 glittery-festival-wedding_0020 glittery-festival-wedding_0021 glittery-festival-wedding_0022 glittery-festival-wedding_0023 glittery-festival-wedding_0024 glittery-festival-wedding_0025 glittery-festival-wedding_0028 glittery-festival-wedding_0027 glittery-festival-wedding_0029 glittery-festival-wedding_0037 glittery-festival-wedding_0036 glittery-festival-wedding_0035 glittery-festival-wedding_0034 glittery-festival-wedding_0033 glittery-festival-wedding_0032 glittery-festival-wedding_0031 glittery-festival-wedding_0030 glittery-festival-wedding_0038 glittery-festival-wedding_0039 glittery-festival-wedding_0040 glittery-festival-wedding_0041 glittery-festival-wedding_0042 glittery-festival-wedding_0043 glittery-festival-wedding_0044 glittery-festival-wedding_0045 glittery-festival-wedding_0046 glittery-festival-wedding_0047 glittery-festival-wedding_0049 glittery-festival-wedding_0051 glittery-festival-wedding_0052 glittery-festival-wedding_0053 glittery-festival-wedding_0061 glittery-festival-wedding_0054 glittery-festival-wedding_0072 glittery-festival-wedding_0059 glittery-festival-wedding_0058 glittery-festival-wedding_0057 glittery-festival-wedding_0056 glittery-festival-wedding_0071 glittery-festival-wedding_0060 glittery-festival-wedding_0065 glittery-festival-wedding_0062 glittery-festival-wedding_0063 glittery-festival-wedding_0064 glittery-festival-wedding_0066 glittery-festival-wedding_0067 glittery-festival-wedding_0070 glittery-festival-wedding_0069 glittery-festival-wedding_0068

The Team…

Wedding Venue: Beaconside House

Wedding Dress: Angel Face

Brides Accessories:  Gold sequin Bolero – Topshop (Bought off ebay for £3 – Bargain!)

Brides Shoes: Clarks

Grooms Attire: Debenhams

Bridesmaid Outfits: Lindy Bop

Stationery: I made all our invitations &  festival lanyards

Décor: I bought and made all the décor apart from bunting and a couple of paper hanging birds.

Entertainment: Hogwash – Folk & Ceilidh Band , DJ Striker & Kane

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