Going Offline And The Importance Of Taking A Break…

Going Offline And The Importance Of Taking A Break...

We are back in the room!

Morning everyone, my apologies for the radio silence over the last week.

I tried to go off-line for a while to recharge the batteries as its been a tough few weeks.ย For those who are self-employed and have kids; the summer holidays brings a lot of fun but its also a nightmare as we juggle work/family/home life.

For the bank holiday I planned a trip to Norfolk with the family for one last jolly before the early morning school runs start next week. We stayed in a tipi near Brancaster and it was a lot of fun. The weather was a bit hit and miss and we witnessed the biggest rain storm I’ve ever seenย in the UK… but that didnt stop the beach visits, eating out and the numerous G&T’s being consumed ;)

Going Offline And The Importance Of Taking A Break...

Has anyone else been struggling with their workload over the holidays?? It’s so important to balance these things and I try my very best to do this… but it is HARD WORK! As a mum you need to be some kind of blooming superhero, who can juggle 101 jobs at the same time!! ;) With my job I’m constantly looking at a screen whether that be computer or mobile device; writing blog posts, checking social media, working on projects, replying to emails. So I needed a few days to switch off, recharge and breathe!

I have to say I’m sitting at my desk with a huge weight on my shoulders as I know September is going to be crazy busy!! September is alway a busy month for us and we also have Tie The Knot Wedding Carnival end of Septemberย and our magazine goes live start of October!! Eek! I think its a case of hold on tight and hope to getย through to the other side!!

We have lots to inspire you over the next few weeks… so the blogging has resumed and I would love feedback on what you are loving at the moment!

Erica Xx

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