• Moving and funny in equal measure
  • Personal and bespoke
  • Easy to achieve
  • Loved by all especially Aunt Joan.
  • Can be sent or he can arrive in person

About Us…

Hamish Guerrini, one of England’s most innovative wedding bards, is a man of many talents. One in particular is his ability to captivate a crowd with his beautiful, humorous and heartfelt ceremonies.

Hamish’s weddings are unique and creative. They give the bride, groom, family and friends an expressive, fun and yet sincere opportunity to celebrate the union of the couple outside of the traditional marriage parameters.”

Often they are used as an additional opportunity for the couple to express their vows and involve their nearest and dearest in the occasion within a setting of their own choice.

Hamish bases his ceremonies on ancient British forms, but brings them up to date in a light and contemporary manner”.

Commonly, the couple will have had a civil ceremony beforehand, but will be eager to celebrate in a more colourful and personal way.

When he writes a Poem/sermon… The story of your lives before and together are woven into moving, funny and poignant verse. He researches through friends and family who provide the information he needs. He hand picks the memories and antidotes in order to paint the picture of your unique lives.

Ideal for…

Wedding Ceremonies

What Makes Us Unique…

Nobody else does what Hamish does with as much style, humour and depth.