Happy New Year Folks!!!

New year_0016

So thats a wrap for 2014…

Hey, hows everyone doing after a good festiveย break?!

Did anyone get a sparkly ring for Xmas or could New Years Eve be the big day?! Well if you are hoping for one, ill keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front this week, but behind the scenes its been all go… plenty of family, food, drink, catching up with friends… I swear I literally had to be rolled to bed on Christmas Day… Ate way to much! Ive also been making up our LOVEBOXES to send out to our lucky winners… They will be hitting peoples letterboxes over the next couple of days! Woohoo!

Im feeling really positive for 2015- We will be making some exciting changes ย to Mr & Mrs Unique over the next few months. Ones that will revolutionise the way you use our service, and to make everything more simple to use and more easy to find the kind of wedding companies you want at your big day.

Im also starting my own happiness project. Im not going to fall for the making NY resolutions to forget about them the day after your hangover passes! Yes, this year Im going to be setting myself monthly targets to improve my well being, business, happiness and love life. Ill keep you posted on how it goes!

We will be back into the swing of things on Friday 2nd January, in the meantime Im wishing everyone a very special new year… Lets hope 2015 ย fucking rocks! Xx


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