Helen & Mouse… A Haymeadow Wedding

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Photos by Gill Thomas Photography

Beautiful Haymeadow Fun…

Today we feature the wedding of Helen and Mark (aka Mouse) which took place at The Haymeadow, on the Devon/Somerset border and one of our venues listed on Mr & Mrs Unique.

I was first made aware of this wedding through Gemma at Blackdown Events who manages the weddings at The Haymeadow. The site is a gorgeous 6 acres of traditional hay meadow full of wild flowers and if offers tons of versatility for brides looking for a festival/ outdoor wedding.

Gemma did a great job putting it all together and I loved all the photos from the day. I loved the purple stained tables and chairs, the attention to detail and the obviously fun had by everyone who attended.

Here the lovely Helen and Mouse tells us a bit more about their day:

How we met…


We met at Nottingham University but we didn’t go on our first date (in a Japanese sushi restaurant) until I had left Nottingham and was living in Norfolk where I started a Masters degree. This was 10 years ago now.


In a whorl of smoke and fire – I was a young buck and Helen was an angel floating through the smoke.

How we got engaged….


9 years into our relationship Mouse proposed at Glastonbury Tor which set a bit of a festival theme for our wedding. It was quite out of the blue as we had spent the previous two years travelling and living abroad visiting very special places. When we made it back to the UK summer 2013 I didn’t expect him to get down on one knee that coming Autumn.

Favourite part of the day…


Bride versus groom space hopper racing. Our friends performing during the open mike part of the day which included a ukelele and hula hoop performance by Emma Kenna, JK playing shruti squeeze box whilst throat singing, as well as Mr Squid with burlesque keyboards and singing about monsters and caffeine.

The Haymeadow Wedding_0056Special details…

The weather. We were predicted flash floods, thunder storms, hail, warm spells as well as sunshine. Apart from a few spots of rain as we came out if the church, the sun shone all day

Locally grown flowers.  Bridesmaids made their own individual bouquets the day before.

Local cider Sheppys and local ale Exmoor Ale.

Phil the vicar, he’s our neighbour and led a wonderful personal service

Walking with my Dad across the road to the church from my house as we live directly opposite the church

Three Cocktails stick umbrella lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the marquee (DIY)

8.30am Yoga class the following morning including partner yoga led by Atiya.

Balloon wrestling game to false in prison blues by Johnny Cash played by the Exmoor Doo Dah band.

Space hopper races, including the bride and groom

Bell tent camping in the Haymeadow, as well as a luxury bell tent for the bride and groom

First dance to Alton Ellis-  I’m still in Love. Groom finished with a spontaneous breakdancing performance

Informal River Cottage inspired dips with flat breads instead of canopies,  including Cambodian Wedding Day Dip, Beetroot and Walnut Dip and White Bean and Artichoke Dip.

West Country sirloin beef hand carved by our guests at each table

Dream pavlova with local berries reminiscent of our recent time living in Australia (Australians claim to have invented the Pav; Kiwis tend to disagree!)

Joint speech from the Bride and Groom, as well as a speech from two of the bridesmaids. Best man speech all the way from Australia. It was important to me for there to be a representation of female voices at our wedding.

The Exmoor Doo Dah Band-a skiffle band playing the tea chest base and washboard certainly filled the dance floor

LED hoop display and drumming circle around fire pits once it was dark

Our journey from the Church to the Haymeadow in a 1961 white Morris Minor with pale blue seats called Daisy; and Gill our photographer. We asked her to join us so we could discuss photo spots on the way.

Bridesmaids wore mint green dresses; they chose themselves so they were all different

Ushers wore tweed waist coats and paisley bow ties. All of the button holes were different.

What was it like working with the photographer…


When we met Gill from Gill Thomas Photography at our initial meeting we knew she would capture the day as we wanted to remember it. On the day of the wedding she arrived in her wellies and blended into the day capturing all of those special informal moments rather than lots of formal shots.


Gill has a great eye and made us feel really comfortable. She captured so much of our day in highly professional photographs. She truly is an artist.

Advice to couples…

Find time for a space hopper race with the groom!

Try to enjoy every moment as it goes so quickly

To see more details on The Haymeadow & Blackdown Events please click here.

Thanks Helen & Mouse- looks like tons of fun was had! Wish you the very best for your future life together x

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  1. Jen says:

    I was wandering if you had contact details for the Exmoor Doo Dah Band?

  2. Hi Jen, I don’t but I shall drop Helen the bride a message and see if she can pass on details- ill be in touch shortly

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