The Homemade, Yurt Wedding of Marie and Tiru…

Eclectic Vintage Styling…

Today we have a gorgeous wedding, full of homemade details, brought to us by Mr & Mrs Unique supplier Wedding Yurts!

We love Lizzie and weve had the chance to see Wedding Yurts in action- not only do they provide the yurt but they are awesome wedding stylists! These amazing Yurts are a unique alternative to the traditional wedding marquee and look truly magical, especially as the sun goes down and they are lit up with warming fairy lights – beautiful.

Over to Lizzie, Co-Founder of Wedding Yurts

Name of the couple: Marie and Tiru

Wedding Venue: Wedding Yurts

Lizzie from Wedding Yurts…

homemade-yurt-wedding_0017 Why you love this wedding…

So many of gorgeous details and personal touches which totally reflect the Marie and Tiru’s unique style.

What were the couple’s requirements…

They wanted a day full of amazing memories and they wanted it to include everything they love no matter how random. I sent Marie and Tiru a styling and décor questionnaire at the beginning of the planning process and I was so excited when they sent it back, I knew then that this Yurt Wedding was going to be super special.


Favourite details of the day…

The spiral wedding aisle with an eclectic mix of vintage chairs from The Poppy Trading Company, the brood of inquisitive rescue chickens that wondered in and out of the yurts amusing everyone, the flower swing hanging in a huge oak tree, the keys hanging from the centre of the yurt with antique style roses, the gold spray painted toy animals for place names, so many gorgeous details…

homemade-yurt-wedding_0002 homemade-yurt-wedding_0008

Favourite moment of the day…

Ah there were so many fantastic moments, the whole day was filled with lots of love and laughter, we loved hosting Marie and Tiru’s wedding and celebrating with their lovely family and friends.

Marie and Tiru…


Tell us how you met & got engaged…

We would like to say that we met on a very cool adventure travelling the world but the reality is we met on the world wide web! We got engaged in Paris on Pon des Arts complete with padlock and Parisian jazz musicians; on the way back to the UK after a camper-van road trip around Europe.


What were your main hopes and plans for the day…

Due to outdoorsy nature of the wedding, with the yurts and outdoor ceremony, we were really hoping for some mid-September sunshine – which we got! But our greatest hope was to share that day we had planned for over a year with our friends and family and see their faces as they discovered little bits about us throughout the day.

What was your favourite part of the day…

Sitting at the top table with the sunshine on our backs, watching all our friends and family mingling, eating and drinking, joking and laughing – that was the most precious moment for us.

homemade-yurt-wedding_0019 homemade-yurt-wedding_0016

How was your day unique…

We wanted our guests to step into our little world for the day, so we filled it with little touches everywhere, starting with the free ranging chickens, an eclectic range of musicians throughout the day, homemade wedding stationary and signs, hand sewn Asian style flower curtains, self-collected vintage crockery a spiral wedding aisle, a bespoke menu with Mauritian mum’s recipe dish and a mixtape CD of our fave songs as the Wedding Favour.  Oh and evening guests were treated to a table full of tasty homemade Jelly’s to bring back those childhood memories.– the list goes on but it was all things we liked together or was a nod to our respective cultures and heritage.


What was is like working with Wedding Yurts…

Lizzie and Jim were amazing, from the start they were very professional but friendly. From our initial discussions they really took to our ideas and supported them. They really thrive if the couples are also really into their day. They weren’t afraid to muck in and help with the creative aspects and they were definitely essential to the smooth running of the day, drinks we on hand, fires were lit, guests knew what was going on at all times and felt involved and to us that was important as we found at some weddings you can find yourself unsure of what is going on at times.

The yurts themselves were the centre-piece of our little world, effortlessly looking so impressive especially at night with the fairy lights, candles and fires. Still to this day we receive compliments for the venue and how the wedding was so personal – which the yurts completely contribute to. Massive thanks to Lizzie and Jim you guys rock!


Advice to any couples about to get married…

If you are planning to DIY a lot of things, definitely do it sooner rather than later, wedding planning is a bizarre period as 90% of the time there isn’t much on but that last 10% can be really busy.

The hardest thing by far is the guest list, work it out early and get a rough number then find the venue to accommodate, rather than choosing the venue first and having to shave your list down.


Get the three biggies out of the way ASAP after engagement, venue, caterer and photographer – the excitement of the engagement will make this a lot of fun to do but also, once these guys are booked in you have a lot of time left to focus on creativity.

Finally consider the use of a videographer, it’s a lot of money and effort on one day and although it may seem like an extra expense, in years to come looking back at footage will be priceless.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Lizzie – we love it! If you would like to see the array of Yurts available and contact Lizzie directly, head to

homemade-yurt-wedding_0001 homemade-yurt-wedding_0004 homemade-yurt-wedding_0005 homemade-yurt-wedding_0009 homemade-yurt-wedding_0011 homemade-yurt-wedding_0012 homemade-yurt-wedding_0013 homemade-yurt-wedding_0014 homemade-yurt-wedding_0018 homemade-yurt-wedding_0020

The Team…

Wedding Venue: Friends land but Wedding Yurts was the venue.

Photographer: Ross Holkham Photography

Wedding Dress: Oxfam (Ian Stuart)

Brides Shoes: Debenhams

Flowers: Florae Foray

Cake: Tin Kitchen

Catering: Croxfords caterers

Brides Accessories: From family and bridesmaids.

Grooms Attire: Suit and waistcoat – Ciro Cerutti suit. Shoes – Herring

Transport: Friends campervan

Stationery: Homemade

Décor: Homemade and collected



5 thoughts on “The Homemade, Yurt Wedding of Marie and Tiru…”

  1. Lesley mccall says:

    Wow what an amazing yurt! I got engaged in a yurt myself and it was gorgeous. Didn’t know you could get married in one!

  2. Lanty says:

    This is so adorable! Love all the details about it. So colourful, vibrant and sweet!

  3. Claire Barnes says:

    This is a fantastic blog….but who was the caterer who made those lovely jellies???? I would love to contact them but their details haven’t been listed…please help

  4. The jellies were by a fab company called Their contact details have been added :) Hope you find the jellies Yum!

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