Hooes Yurt’s Magical Woodland Wedding…

Magical Woodland Wedding…

When the lovely Amy from Hooes Yurt emailed me to say her younger sister had married and would l like to feature it on the blog- my answer was a big fat YES!

You see, back in our second edition of our online wedding magazine we featured Amy’s sister Daisy who got married to her partner Jon,  which was incredible! If you missed it first time round you can catch it here. So when Amy told me her sister Polly had got married and used her yurts too, I knew I would love it straight away! And i did!

Here Amy tells about her sister Pollys big day and how Hooes Yurts got involved!


Totally Tipi Open Day_0002

My lovely younger sister and her fiancé got engaged and we were all on cloud nine. Lucky for them my husband Max and I own the yurt company Hooe’s Yurts so we instantly started talking about creating the perfect venue for their ceremony and reception.

Our mother lives on the banks of the impossibly romantic Tamar river in Devon. This place offered the perfect backdrop for a magical woodland wedding. Polly, a Cornish large animal vet and Joel, a pro surfer, wanted a relaxed day to reflect their chilled outlook on life.

Totally Tipi Open Day_0004 Totally Tipi Open Day_0005

They decided to get officially married at the Bathing Hut at Pentillie Castle. After setting up the wedding in the woods we jumped into a boat and travelled up the river in our wellies. It was the perfect start to a weekend of revelry.

Totally Tipi Open Day_0003

The next day the sun shone and the girls giggled and readied them selves over smoked salmon sandwiches and champagne. Polly, looking like a woodland imp in her 20’s style vintage dress, headed off to meet her groom. With her son Ozzie and my daughter Poppy carried by her bridesmaids she walked down the steps of an old lead and silver mine to a very pleased looking Joel and a large crowd of happy friends and family.

The couple stood under the arch of the engine house and said their humanist vows under the excellent guidance of Alison Orchard. The outside ceremony was magical but we always knew if the weather turned against us the yurts were available with wood burners at the ready for a cosy and intimate ceremony.

Totally Tipi Open Day_0006 Totally Tipi Open Day_0008 Totally Tipi Open Day_0007

Champagne and cocktails flowed accompanied by delectable nibbles from Philip at The Dartmoor Inn. We then moved into the beautiful yurts as the evening drew in. The yurts were decorated with stunning Indian vintage wall hangings and lit with twinkling fairy lights.

There was a big yurt with a round wooden dance floor and bar, a huge dining yurt and an exotically decorated snug yurt for quite moments. After listening to hilarious speeches we headed into the cathedral like 44ft yurt for a sit down dinner with 130 guests. Dressed local crab and perfect fish and chips followed by wicked mini chocolate pots left us full and smiling.

We danced into the early hours, sat around fire woks and nibbled on fairy cakes until we could keep our eyes open no longer. In true modern style the party continued the next day with a bbq, donkey rides and so much laughter remembering the joys of the weekend.

What an amazing day! How incredible do the yurts look… blooming lush! If you want to find out more about Hooes Yurts, their yurts and what they can do to make your wedding day extra special check them out here or visit the directory here for more details.

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4 thoughts on “Hooes Yurt’s Magical Woodland Wedding…”

  1. So lovely to see Polly and Joel’s wedding on the blog, it was such an amazing day. I’ve got a little tear in my eye! XX Amy (Hooe’s Yurts)

  2. dewiku says:

    Wow … that’s very unique wedding concept. It’s like living in the world of Harry Potter. Full of fantasy and artistic. It will be a wonderful day for both the couple’s wedding. Really great concept. Many people want to celebrate their wedding with the full feel of fantasy and magic like this. Amazzzing….

  3. Jake Morley says:

    Beautiful wedding. Awesome pictures

  4. Grace says:

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