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40 Winks

As we approached the grand façade of the impressive townhouse nestled in eclectic East London, we had no idea of what to expect on the other side of the understated black door that faced us when we rang the bell. It turned out to be, in fact, the door to another world. A world regularly visited by the fashionistas, the creative, the elite from around the world, and the people in the know; all seeking something a little different. A home from home with a bit of a twist and a generous smatter of wit.

Greeted by the wonderfully welcoming host David Carter, himself a large character befitting another fantastical place, we entered a deliciously dark entrance hall adorned with dolls, figurines and mirrors. David is well known in the interior design circles, and this micro boutique hotel is a study of his fascination of the dark and light. A better suited master of the house you would be hard pushed to find. He wants you to share his home and feel at ease, he wants you to help yourself and treat it as your own. It’s ideally situated whether you’re in London for a weekend, or stopping off before or after Heathrow; just a few stops away on the tubes.

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Adhering to the Japanese rules of the household, we deposited our shoes alongside the tiny shoes already there, and then we deposited our attachment with normality at the door. What a joyous act that proved to be as we padded from room to room, marvelling at the old and the new, the romantic and the obscure. The experience was akin to an amalgamation of Alice In Wonderland and Edward Scissorhands, delightfully and tastefully arrayed in a refreshing assault of the senses. Wave after wave of interesting curios and delightful dainties placed here and there, .

From the painted black hallway seeming to cocoon you from the outside world the moment the front door is closed, to the wonderfully dainty and quiet kitchen area, within which you can help yourself to the array of goodies.

Up the higgledy piggledy stairs to each floor, the labyrinthine arrangement of rooms each offers an adventure within an adventure. Soft toys, plump and sumptuous beds, union jacks and vintage pictures. Shabby chic and the new, flourishes of the orient. Black and Gold, light and white; our eyes feasted and gorged as we explored this otherplace. This magical house.

And then to the bedroom, a symphony of brightness and space. Shuttered windows all along one wall, white walls and a white wooden floor with one gargantuan cushion covered bed, tempting us to retire immediately. Old books and Oscar Wilde quotes by the bed, and antique furniture perfectly placed around the opulent bedroom only added to the majesty of it all; making such a large room still seem cosy and warm. Little did we know that the Pièce de résistance was yet to reveal itself, in the form of our bathroom. To our minds, the most enchanted bathroom in the world!

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Shimmering gold walls, beads and feathers, rich dark wooden floors and marble are all beautifully arranged around the star of the show, the bath. It is huge, it is decadent, and it is delightfully crazy. Water runs into it from a gold lions head, with the free standing roll top bath a sight to behold, as if hewn from a block of something from another dimension. Gorgeous, deep and big enough for two; it will instantly make you feel like royalty.

Room to room, floor to floor, 40 Winks is an experience that words aren’t fully formed to convey. Mad, funny, comfortable yet huge, deepest hues and brightest lights. It is a dream world, controlled by the host with the glint in his eye. You’ll laugh, you’ll marvel and you WILL sleep better than you have for a long long time. Maybe you’ll sleep like you’re in a fairy tale – we did.

If you’re getting married in London and want a unique twist to the ceremonies, you should add a streak of the unusual and delightful to your first night as Husband and Wife; and include 40 Winks in your plans. Unshackle yourself from the constraints of banality and immerse yourself in fantasy, take a walk on the wild side and add a flourish of tomfoolery to the start of your wedded life!

If you would like further information, including contact details please click here.

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  1. Keeley says:

    Hi there
    Is it possible to have a wedding reception at your hotel?

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Keeley- it would be best to contact 40winks directly to discuss events- David is lovely. Please email them on :)

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