Weddings – How To Survive The Last Few Weeks Of Planning…

Wedding Stress…

Today our Deputy Editor, Hannah, shares some of her advice, worries and excitements about her upcoming wedding and how to survive those last few weeks of planning without losing your mind!

So take a deep breath and take comfort in the knowledge that even those in the industry have their fair amount of wedding stress too…


Photo by Bai & Elle Photography

Photo by Bai & Elle Photography

The 2016 wedding season is here (already!?), and that date that seemed a long way off is rapidly approaching – trust me, I know!

With less that 2 months to go it’s safe to say there have been moments off stress, pure-panic, excitement and possibly some teeny tiny Bridezilla moments (Sorry, but whoever thought getting RSVP’s back on time was such a hard task!?)

When you initially start your wedding planning journey, you get caught up in that whirlwind of excitement when visiting venues, choosing vendors, trying on dresses – but eventually you realise it all needs to be pulled together and many of the important tasks must wait until the end. Fortunately there are ways to make the home stretch smoother (I hope!)…

Firstly, It’s okay to be nervous! People are no doubt asking you this at every opportunity, which doesn’t help when you might already been having nightmares about walking down the aisle to find you’re only in your underwear – been there, had that one. Weddings undoubtedly bring a hell of a lot of pressure and madness, but it’s important to remember the end goal – getting married!

One of the best things I’ve done to ease some nerves is arrange a pre-wedding shoot with our amazing photographers, Bai & Elle Photography. If you seize up in front of the camera, which I certainly do, think of it as a warm-up. You get to see how your photographers work and hopefully feel more comfortable around them, with some beautiful photos at the end! One less thing to worry about on the day.

Photo by Bai & Elle Photography

It’s crunch time – you have 4 weeks to go and you’re surrounded by unwritten place cards, covered in glitter, with a long list of phone calls to make. As a Bride who decided it would be an amazing idea to DIY practically every element of the wedding, panic is definitely setting in here! I’ve accepted it may be a good idea to delegate some tasks, so you should too.

If you’re a bit of perfectionist, like myself, the idea of letting your bridesmaids loose on the table plan or chalkboard signs is probably terrifying – so why not hand them that list of vendors to contact? That’s one thing crossed off the list…

I’m a big fan of lists. I couldn’t function without them, both wedding and non-wedding related! Keep a notebook with you, because I guarantee something will pop into your head at the most random moments. If you’re naturally disorganised, pen and paper is a simple way to keep track.

Here’s a rough checklist of things you’ll probably need to consider in the month or two…

-Review RSVP list and contact any guests who haven’t responded 
-Final dress fitting
-Organise gifts for parents, Bridesmaids etc
-Hair/make-up trials
-Put together a must have shot list for your photographer
-Create table plan
-Finalise head count for venue and caterers
-Create a timeline for the day
-Contact all wedding suppliers to confirm arrangements
-Double check all attire for yourself, Groom, Bridesmaids etc
-Check your passports are in date (You can apply for one in your married name 3 months before the big day)
-Prepare final payments for vendors
-Select Hymns/Vows/Order of Service
-Give your DJ/band your request list, first dance etc
-Wear in your wedding shoes!


Most importantly, try to enjoy the home stretch. Easier said than done when your guests are moaning about food choices and plus ones, your make up trial didn’t go as you’d hoped or a supplier drops out last minute – but I bet you the good things and the excitement easily out ways the stress.

The greatest thing I’ve learnt (as cliche as it may sound) is to remember it is OUR day. Embrace your individuality, personality and interests as a couple, and do what YOU want. If you don’t want all the traditions, favours, a white dress, a sit down meal – don’t do it!

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