Indi & Marley’s Naming Ceremony…

Naming Ceremony_0051 Photos by Jade Sayers Photography

A Personal Post…

A couple of weeks ago we had a family and friend gathering to celebrate our children Indiana & Marley’s naming ceremony and I wanted to share the day with you…

My hubby Lee and I had discussed for a long while whether or not to get them christened and we just couldn’t come to a matching decision, so I put forward the idea of a naming ceremony. It was also going to be my daughter Marley’s first birthday; so a double celebration!

I had only been to one other naming ceremony and knew it was a relatively new idea… I wasn’t sure on what to do, what people expected or what was deemed normal to do at these types of events. So I decided I would just go with the flow, as long as the kids enjoyed themselves and we had the opportunity to thank our friends and family we had chosen as guardians then it would be a great day.

Running Mr & Mrs Unique obviously gave me direct access to find and use some of our brilliant suppliers on board. Although listed as wedding suppliers, many of their services can be used for a number of different types of events.

Naming Ceremony_0006

The venue was extremely important, as I wanted somewhere safe for the kids to run around, but would also offer a gorgeous festival vibe. One of our new venues Henlow Bridge Lakes is literally down the road from us, and it offered amazing facilities and a beautiful wooded, enclosed space called the Roundel. With tents, BBQ and fire pits; it was perfect for the naming ceremony.

Naming Ceremony_0005

Funky Monkey Tents set up a lovely tipi, which we used as a kids den… we filled it with balloons and the children went crazy for it!

Jade Sayers Photography came down for the afternoon to take photos of the day. I wanted natural, un-staged photos of the day, capturing the fun had by family and friends. Jade did a great job and she is so lovely to work with.

The lovely Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes made a stunning white tower unicorn cake, with floral details and edible gold sequins.  I loved the fact she painted Indi and Marley riding the back of the unicorn!!  My sister in-law also made a beautiful rainbow sponge cake for Marley’s 1st birthday.

Naming Ceremony_0023

The letter decorations including the LOVE letters are from Scene-Setter and we hung pom poms, fans and crape paper ribbons from the trees to add a bit of colour.

There was plenty of homemade touches created for the day including the Feed The Monsters games, a signpost made from an old fence panel and dream catchers made by my good friend Michelle. Charlotte from Wilden Bride also made me a gold sequinned maxi skirt for the day as I couldn’t find one anywhere in the shops! Really added some sparkle to the day!

We started the day with a small ceremony where my sister read ‘Forever Young’ by Bob Dylan and my chum Paul who runs Lord Wordsmith Emporium of Poems & Rhyming Speech, wrote us a personalise poem which meant the world to us and it brought many laughs to the occasion.

Naming Ceremony_0067

I was really keen to give a small thank you to our chosen guardians so I asked Sarah from Russet & Gray to design me some thank you cards. I actually had first seen these cards at a wedding fair when I was set up next to her. We tinkered around with the words and I wanted some gold glitter on there so she added that detail on for me. They all loved them!

Naming Ceremony_0046

Afterwards the BBQ was lit and the kids ran around playing with homemade games, face painting and a craft area which included fab dinosaur and mermaid stick on tattoos from Wedding in a Teacup. The adults were treated to a Mimosa Bar, which was a prosecco cocktail table with fruit, juice and ice. We had a specially made up bottle of champagne from Bottle Bazaar in celebration of the day, which was a lovely touch.

For food we has a BBQ feast which included some amazing salads that my good friend Sarah prepared for the day. Afterwards the Henlow Bridge Lake team turned up on their tractor to take everyone around the site on a tour, which both the adults and kids really enjoyed.

It was a thoroughly amazing day; the sun shined for us and it was just a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of our two children!

A massive thank you to all the suppliers and huge love to my family Lee, Indi & Marley Xx

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  1. Sorry, I have been randomly leaving messages all over your site today! Your posts are just so incredibly beautiful and being a Humanist celebrant, this naming ceremony post caught my eye. What a special day for you, your family and friends. Good luck with the Wedding Awards, you totally deserve to win. x

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