The Intimate, Stylish Wedding of Danielle & Konrad…

Photos by Babb Photo // Post by Hannah Rogers

Photos by Babb Photo // Post by Hannah Rogers

Relaxed, Elegant Gathering…

I love this simple yet stylish wedding of Danielle & Konrad, brought to us by the wonderful Laura at Babb Photo.

An intimate ceremony with their closet family and friends, filled with classy, chic decor and stunning flowers that add a beautiful splash of colour – simplicity at it’s best!

Danielle’s dress was also made by one of MMU’s suppliers – the outstandingly talented Charlotte at Wilden Bride, using Danielle’s very own design! Love it!!

Name of the couple: Danielle & Konrad

Wedding Venue: Burgh House, Hampstead

Reception Venue: The Bull & Last, Highgate Road

Laura from Babb Photo…


Why you love this wedding…

I love that Danielle and Konrad decided to focus on a small gathering with their families.  It made for a really relaxed day.

intimate-stylish-fun-wedding_0007 intimate-stylish-fun-wedding_0008

What were the couple’s requirements…

Laid back shots of their loved ones enjoying themselves.

Favourite details of the day…

That dress!  I mean, wow!


Favourite moment of the day…

Running away from the venue, through the streets of Hampstead, followed by a shower of confetti, as we headed of to Hampstead Health for some laid back portraits.


Danielle & Konrad…


Tell us how you met and got engaged…

As we mentioned on the printed wedding invite, we were set up on a blind date by a friend in our 2nd year of university, in Brighton. The pub we met at that night was called The Hope, and is now called the Hope and Ruin. We’re praying our future doesn’t go the same way!
Konrad proposed on holiday in Brazil, just over a year ago. We had planned the trip over the World Cup and just had an incredible time! We moved around a few times and it was during a stay in Florianopolis off the coast of Brazil that Konrad proposed – I had just had a shot of really harsh homemade cachaca on a lunch trip up the coastline which looking back had probably helped to calm my nerves, Konrad on the other hand was not drinking and was barely touching lunch, knowing what he was about to do!


What was your favourite part of the day…

The speeches given by Konrad’s parents and by his brother Max were one of the best parts of the day – so heartfelt, genuine, and thoughtful. We were grateful that we had an opportunity where they could share those memories and feelings with us.

intimate-stylish-fun-wedding_0021 How was your day unique…

I studied textiles at uni so I thought it was be a great project to design and print my skirt and get my creative juices going again! Me and my dad spent some time drawing flowers, he drew all the orchids, and I did all the bolder parts and pieced the pattern together. I roped in some good friends from uni too and we had a really fun day back in the studio printing the 6 panels needed for the skirt.

I was so lucky to find Charlotte from Wilden Brides, who consulted with me on the print to work out how the vision for overall skirt design could be achieved. Once the fabric had been printed, Charlotte made the skirt and my lace top with impeccable skill, she’s a genius! It was really important to me to wear something I felt myself in, and I feel so proud of what a team of people helped create, so thanks guys!


What was is like working with your photographer…

We booked Babb Photo for a few reasons! 1 – we saw her amazing work from a couple we knew who’s wedding album was just incredible, and who couldn’t recommend Laura enough. 2 – having met Laura we were sure she was going to be great to work with, her whole approach was perfect – honest, interested, and clearly passionate!

On the day Laura really made an effort with all our guests and had taken note of the things we had told her – she was a hit with everyone!


Advice to any couples about to get married…

Many people said this to me, and I listened, but I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of it. You must do what is best for you as a couple! If you have a clear want to do, or not to do a particular thing, just trust yourself and go with it. Sometimes the desires of others can feel like a compromise, so spend time planning to make sure you weigh the decisions up with care. Also, try to be present in every moment on the day so it doesn’t fly past in a flash!

We are huge fans of Babb Photo’s work- you can check it out here

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The Team…

Wedding Venue: Burgh House, Hampstead

Reception Venue: The Bull & Last, Highgate Road

Wedding Dress: Charlotte at Wilden Bride

Grooms Attire: Suit from Zara,  Shoes from Reiss

Flowers: Sayeh at Galton Flowers, Hampstead

Stationery: Designed by Yasmin Momoniat,  printed by the Liquorice Press

Cake: Konrad’s mum, Hilary

Décor: Thanks to Danielle’s mum, Carolyn, who made the lavender place settings for the lunch table.



2 thoughts on “The Intimate, Stylish Wedding of Danielle & Konrad…”

  1. Laura Babb says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Danielle and Konrad’s wedding, Erica! x

  2. Georgia says:

    What a charming wedding! I love its understated, relaxed feel – seems like it was family friendly and just good old fun! The couple looks beautiful and happy – I especially like the writing on the name places. Thank you for sharing!

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