Introducing Jenny Lessin Bespoke Bridalwear…

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We Welcome Jenny Lessin Bespoke Bridalwear…

Whats not to love about Jenny Lessin Bespoke Bridalwear! Jenny Lessin’s wedding dresses are a fusion of strong design and beautiful execution. She has a contemporary approach to bridalwear that is based on twenty years of making bespoke clothing. Today we talk to Jenny, the lady behind the scenes  to ask her a few questions about her business, her inspirations and what makes her unique:

Tell us a bit about your business:

I have made bespoke clothing for women my whole working life but wedding dresses have always been the most exciting commissions for me so about ten years ago I decided to specialise in bridalwear.

I have a background in textiles and embroidery so I enjoy working in a meticulous way using the most precious , gorgeous fabrics. A wedding dress is a unique opportunity to work closely with a client on something really special.

What makes you Unique:

I really take on board a client’s personality and style and tailor my ideas to their individual wedding. 

Tells us what you love about your business:

Every client is different, every dress is different. I love helping women look and feel their best.

People’s reaction to your business:

In our mass-produced world people are becoming increasingly interested in artisan businesses and understand the value of bespoke items. Clients love to see into a creative world and enjoy coming to the studio and seeing and touching beautiful things.

They are interested in the skills involved but can have a romantic view of what I do all day, underestimating the hours of hard work that goes into every dress!

Future plans:

Lots of ideas, lots of dresses! A small collection, and a wedding show.

Thanks Jenny! To see her profile on our directory click here

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