Introducing The London Marshmallow Company…

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Tasty, gluten free, guilt free treats….

Today we welcome The London Marshmallow Company to Mr & Mrs Unique. Husband and wife team, Ross and Amy created these delicious treats for a christmas market one year… they sold out and never looked back!

Here they tell us a bit more about the business and why you should consider these as treats for your big day… I literally can not wait to try one!


Tell us a bit about your business…

Looking for something new and delicious to make as Christmas gifts in December 2011, we decided to try and make homemade marshmallows. Our first ‘vanilla’ batch tasted delicious and was ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ soft – plus they went down a storm with friends and family. A year later Ross made a bigger batch in a few different flavours to sell at a Christmas market. They sold out and The London Marshmallow Company was born. We now sell weekly at East London’s Broadway Market and regularly supply mallows for fashion events, hen dos, birthdays and weddings!

What makes you Unique…

Unlike shop bought ‘pink and white’ mallows our mallows are made with the finest natural ingredients and whipped egg-white to make them super soft. The real fruit and natural colours mean they not only look beautiful but they taste amazing too! They are a great alternative to cakes for a wedding as they are so pretty and the perfect size for a good couple of mouthfuls plus they are all gluten free!

We also love to layer our flavours to create gorgeous two-tone mallows in delicious combinations such as the elderflower and blackcurrant ‘Chelsea’ marshmallow. As we are based in East London all of our mallows are named after a different part of the city. In fact our super-indulgent peanut butter and milk chocolate mallow is named the ‘Stokey’ after a couple from Stoke Newington who originally commissioned the bespoke flavour for their wedding.

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What do you love about your business…

Doing something different, the people we meet and being creative. Also we are massive foodies so hanging out at one of London’s best food markets every weekend is perfect for us!

People’s reaction to your business…

People can’t believe it as it’s quite niche and unusual. Everyone has eaten a marshmallow at some point but a gourmet, handcrafted marshmallow is something totally new to most people. All of our friends and family know we have always been obsessed with food so it’s not too much of a surprise to them that we have gone down this route. Everyone has been so supportive and they recommend us to their friends and colleagues who are getting married all the time.

Future plans…

Keep building the brand and the business plus move into supplying wholesale partners to give us a nationwide distribution. We also have quite a few ideas as to how we can expand our product offering – we have just started doing s’mores the market and have a few other ideas in the pipeline!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Ross and Amy! With my chocolate and sugar ban over lent, these delicious and guilt free treats are right up my street!

You can visit their website here or see their profile on Mr & Mrs Unique here.

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