• Family Home, Family run but our aim is that Iscoyd feels like it is your house for the time you have it.
  • Very personal service, every wedding completely bespoke, planned around the couple and their wishes rather than through packages or what is easiest for the venue.
  • Beautifully restored in a way that fuses the personality of the house, it’s history, quirkiness, antiques and paintings with elements of contemporary design and comfort.
  • The Garden Room for your ceremony
  • The gardens and the beautiful accommodation - each bedroom and bathroom is different and lovely

About Us…

Iscoyd Park is a romantic and beautiful Georgian country house wedding venue. This private house is surrounded by 18th Century Parkland and stunning gardens overlooking the borders of North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire. Though Iscoyd is large enough to hold 160 people for a wedding reception and has recently been restored to award winning acclaim, it still retains the character, history and welcoming warmth of the family home that it is.

This warmth is what is so important and Iscoyd has a magical way of making everyone feel at ease and at home. It is a place in which contrasting qualities marry to make a  unique and special atmosphere. The traditional, classical and historical effortlessly mix with the contemporary and the innovative, taking the best of the past and combining it with the thrill of the present.

In 2011 they were the proud winners of the Hudson’s Heritage Awards Best UK Wedding Venue and in 2012 became winners of their Best Accommodation Award.

What Makes Us Unique…

The house: A beautiful Georgian Country House in stunning gardens and 18th Century parkland –  Godsal Family house since 1846, still owned, run and lived in by the family and with that comes passion, attention to detail, flexibility a determination to give every client the most wonderful experience they can imagine.

The design: The fusion of old and new , traditional and contemporary, family quirks and blissful comfort – the best of the past and the thrill of the present.

The location: On the borders (literally) of North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire

The attitude: We truly want our clients to feel that this is their house of the time they have it, every wedding an entirely bespoke event in which our couples are encouraged and helped to realise their ideas whatever they may be.

Flexibility: The fusion of old and new, traditional and contemporary, family quirks and blissful comfort. The attitude that this will be your house for the time you want it, we are flexible and every wedding is bespoke and entered around your wishes

Watch Us…